Introducing Colombia

Colombia is a large South American country. Sitting on the northwestern corner of the continent, the Hispanic culture has a distinct identity. Ranging from rugged mountains to beaches and jungle, the diverse country produces coffee while enjoying relaxed social attitudes, even in the face of political unrest. Colombia is a beautiful country whose people favor a balance of order and diversity.

The People: Colombia has around 50 million people. The population is primarily of Spanish origin, mixed with Amerindian and African influence, and more recent immigration from the Middle East and elsewhere. Living in the heart of the tropics, Colombians have medium-dark skin, and generally darker features. The women are renowned for their beauty.

The Country: Colombia occupies the northwestern corner of South America, on a total of over one million square kilometers (almost half a million square miles). The area has a solid variety of geographic features, from imposing mountains to two seas. Colombia's neighbor to the east is Brazil, and with different languages and politics and overall cultures, the two countries have a complex relationship. Also to the east is Venezuela, another country with which Colombia sometimes clashes. To the south Colombia has borders with Peru and Ecuador. On its western side, Colombia connects with Central America through Panama.

Living in Colombia: Colombia has vastly different lifestyles in each region. Five cities have a population of at least one million: Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, and Cartagena. The main cities offer beaches and business, while many smaller cities and towns create a sizable backdrop. Life in Colombia incorporates elements from colonial Spain with Caribbean and American influences. Colombia today is a modern global culture.

Good to Know: Colombia the leading producer of arabica beans, widely considered the most desirable coffee.

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Colombia has around 50 million people. Most of the population lives either in the highlands of the Andes or along the coast of the Caribbean. Very few people live in the interior lowlands. More than three quarters of Colombians live in cities, making it one of the most urban Latin American...

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