Unhealthy people have a lot problems attracting mates

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Unhealthy people have a lot problems attracting mates

The face is only of minor significance. The immune system is most important (how a person smells), then the body (height, muscularity, athletic ability, skin, voice as a measure of lung power, body hair as a mark of testosterone, etc), then how the face will blend with that of the woman (a huge nose on the man mixed with a tiny nose on the woman may give a normal nose on the children), then facial symmetry (not the same as beauty), and finally standalone facial beauty. A man with big arms, broad shoulders and a little waist means he is fit and healthy and can go out and hunt. A woman with big breasts, big hips and a tiny waist looks fit for child bearing and foraging.

The bacteria that make up bacterial communities (microbiota) in our bodies exist on our skin, and in our gut, urine, nose, and even breast tissue. They can be helpful, even essential, to our lives and are very active in our bodies. They emit chemicals that can affect how we digest food, how we react to medicines and how diseases tend to progress or no. So a healthy immune system is very impotent.

The oddest thing is the fact that you have so many people with "low" testosterone -- which is a strong indicator of lowered immune system function because the immune system will lower the testosterone levels to increase the immune system functionality. Testosterone drives risk-taking, domineering, powerful behavior. Men have more issues with their health if they don't maintain muscles to support the immune system that is more impair than a female.

Females have XX aka two sets of immune system repair and stability of energy pathways to defend against energy or byproduct. That's why females USUALLY live longer than men. Testosterone levels in males and females are generally around a normal level, in terms of percentages of that normal level, males pair with equals much more often than opposites unless you see dominant, power hungry behaviors, aka sociopath, egotistical, etc.