Zelensky is just another politician with grandiose ambitions

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Zelensky is just another politician with grandiose ambitions

Ukraine is currently led by Volodymyr Zelensky. He was elected in a landslide victory in 2019 on the promise of de-escalating tensions with Russia and settling the problem in east Ukraine's breakaway republics. He has attempted to fulfill his word on these issues but has encountered opposition from all sides and has so decided to play tough guy in order to garner votes. Ukrainians respect a strong leader and regard any concession, no matter how small and insignificant, as a defeat.

In October 2019, while the war in eastern Ukraine continued, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Zolote, a town firmly located in the Donbas' "gray zone," where over 14,000 people had been killed, largely on the pro-Russian side. There, he met the battle-hardened veterans of extreme right paramilitary forces fighting separatists only a few miles away.

Zelensky was adamant about enforcing the so-called Steinmeier Formula, which was conceived by then-German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier and called for the holding of elections in the Russian-speaking regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Zelensky confronted a wall of obstinacy during a face-to-face confrontation with militants from the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion who had launched a campaign to undermine the peace effort called "No to Capitulation."

With his calls for withdrawal from the frontlines rebuffed, Zelensky broke down in front of the camera. "I am the country's president. My age is 41. I am not a failure. I came to you and told you to disarm," Zelensky pleaded with the fighters. Zelensky later became the target of a furious response as video of the tense altercation emerged across Ukrainian social media sites.

Andriy Biletsky, the Azov Battalion's unashamedly fascist leader, pledged to bring thousands of fighters to Zolote if Zelensky continued to press. On the other hand, Putin has no intention of resolving the Donbas or Crimea conflict without achieving significant gains. This conflict served his purposes of keeping Ukraine out of NATO with plans to establish a land connection to Crimea, complete control of the Azov Sea, and a desire to seize Odessa in the near future, depriving Ukraine of its ocean connection, all as part of an effort to reclaim once-Russian territories from the pre-Soviet era, as he had stated four years ago he would do if given the chance.

Zelensky has had multiple opportunity to mend fences with Moscow and avert conflict. Rather than that, he has continuously exacerbated the situation. His team determined that he needed to be tough in order to avoid losing re-election and maybe being imprisoned by opposition. When Zelensky threatened Putin with nuclear weapons, he was attempting to garner votes. Zelensky has a long history of doing inane things; he didn't pause for even two minutes to consider how Putin might react.

Individuals who devote their lives to the stage frequently suffer from histrionic personality disorder. Zelenskyy almost certainly does. However, when individuals with this illness believe they are being ignored, they intensify their attention-seeking behavior. They are capable of behaving vilely toward others in order to garner their attention. They continue to provoke others in order to maintain an audience.

Zelensky showed poor judgment, because histrionics have an entirely different agenda than successfully running a country in a quiet, peaceful, and prosperous manner the way a statesman would.

Zelensky has been lionized in the west and praised for his personal bravery. But—as a practical matter—he has failed to restore national unity or implement the crucial peace accord that is the only path to reconciliation. The Ukrainian president now doesn’t like the so-called Minsk Protocol and has refused to meet its basic requirements. As a result, the ethnically-charged, fratricidal war that has engulfed Ukraine for the last 8 years, continues to this day with no end in sight. President Vladimir Putin referred to Zelensky’s obstinance in a recent speech delivered at the Kremlin. He stated:

“At yesterday’s event… the Ukrainian leadership publicly declared that they were not going to abide by these agreements. Not going to abide by them. Well, what else can you say about that?".

The majority of Americans and people around the world are unaware that Zelensky's rejection of Minsk was the final straw. Officials had spent years ironing out terms that would be acceptable to all parties in Minsk. Then, with a wave of his hand, Zelensky put an end to the arrangement at the eleventh hour. He then positioned 60,000 combat soldiers just outside the Line of Contact (in east Ukraine). Clearly, this transmitted the message of invasion. So how do these activities square with Zelensky's campaign promises to restore national unity and peacefully address Ukraine's Russia-related issues?

They are in no way consistent; they are diametrically opposed. Indeed, Zelensky appears to be operating on an entirely different script. Consider his total refusal to acknowledge Russia's smallest security concerns. Was Zelensky aware that Putin had stated repeatedly that Ukraine's NATO membership was a "red line" for Russia? Did he realize that Putin has been repeating the same thing since 2014? Was he aware that Putin had warned that if Ukraine took moves toward NATO membership, Russia would be forced to take "military-technical" measures to safeguard its own security?

Does Zelensky know that NATO is openly hostile to Russia and regards Russia a serious threat to world peace?

Yes, he knows all these things. Still, he publicly expressed his interest in developing nuclear weapons. What is that all about? Acting tough to win votes? Imagine if Zelensky had nuclear missiles at his fingertips now? How do you think that might impact Russia’s security? Do you think Putin could ignore a development like that and still fulfill his duty to protect the Russian people?

And why did Zelensky agree to allow shipment after shipment of lethal weaponry to be delivered to Ukraine if he sincerely sought peace with Russia? Did he think that Putin was too stupid to see what was going on right beneath his nose? Did he think he was normalizing relations by expanding his arsenal? Or did he think that Putin’s requests for security assurances were unreasonable? Is that it? Did he think– that if the shoe was on the other foot– the US would allow Mexico to put military bases, artillery pieces and missile sites along America’s southern border? Is there any president in American history who wouldn’t have done the same thing that Putin did? Is there any president in American history who wouldn’t have launched a preemptive strike on those Mexican weapons and vaporized every living thing for a 20-mile radius?

No, Putin’s demands were entirely reasonable, but Zelensky shrugged them off anyway. Can you see how everything Zelensky has done, was done with the intention of provoking Russia and gaining votes?

All the talk of joining NATO, all the talk of developing nuclear weapons, the continuous buildup of lethal weapons, the transfer of troops east, the reluctance to follow the Minsk Treaty, and the rejection of Putin's security demands. All of these were calculated provocative attempts to garner votes.

Why didn’t Zelenskyy negotiate with Putin when he had the chance? Why didn’t he pull back his 60,000 troops from the east? Why didn’t he stop weapons shipments? Why didn’t he implement the Minsk Treaty? Easy, re-election and expansion of power.

Now he is sending men to die in a war he knows they cannot win; he is inflicting incalculable misery and injury on his own people in the name of global fame and fortune; and –worst of all – he has paved the way for the dissolution of Ukraine itself, the country he swore to defend. That country will be dismantled as part of a final settlement with Russia, and Zelenskyy will bear a substantial portion of the blame.

Putin is going to create the buffer he needs to assure his country’s security. Whoever governs the western part of Ukraine will be required to declare their “neutrality” (in writing). If they violate that promise, they will be removed by force. But here’s the important thing: All of the main actors in this fiasco knew from the very beginning that Ukraine had no chance of defeating the Russian army. That was a foregone conclusion.

All this helps to underscore a point that is never considered by the media and never discussed by the pundits on cable news, that is, that Ukraine is going to lose the war, and Zelenskyy knows it. He knows the Ukrainian Armed Forces are no match for the Russian army. It is like a Giant swatting a fly. Ukraine is the fly. The public needs to hear this, but they’re not hearing it. Instead, they’re hearing blabber about heroic Ukrainians fighting the Russian invader. But this is nonsense, dangerous nonsense that is emboldening people to sacrifice their lives for a lost cause. The outcome of this conflict has never been in doubt: Ukraine is going to lose. That is certain. And, if you read between the lines, you’ll see that Russia is winning the war quite handily; they are crushing the Ukrainian army at every turn, and they will continue to crush them until Ukraine surrenders.

President Zelensky of Ukraine is now attempting to DRAW the entire world into thermonuclear war over two dead cities signed over by the previous government eight years ago. This might be the start of the third world war if we continue to pay attention to this cheap, self-promoting demagogue who is striving to amass fortune and fame by profiting off his own people's death and destruction.