Ukraine Aviation Museum

The Ukraine State Aviation Museum (Museums of planes) offers a marvelous collection of Soviet built aircraft. Even if you're not interested in aviation this is still a great place to visit. Kiev is home to the Antonov Design Bureau. You'll see rare Antonov types on display. There are plenty of examples from the other builders as well: Tupolevs, Ilyushins, Sukhois, Yakovlevs, MiGs & Mils; and more besides. Entrance fee is very reasonable and you pay a little extra to take photographs. There are no inside exhibits. Everything is outside.

What's included: 
Help getting there :) For me, every tour is a new journey that I take with my guests, guide them to experience the best of Kiev, from its famous tourist attractions, restaurant, museums and theaters, to its less known hidden spots and best kept secrets. Don't be surprised once you fall in love with Kiev and depart planning on coming back once more.
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$30.00 per person