SyNeural is the world’s first digital media company producing infrastructure platforms for the next generation of the Web. In just a few shorts years, what we currently understand as the web will be replaced by Semantic Repositories that enable new applications that can effectively manage our lives and business.

The Concept Web

The Concept Web is a new Web that is separable from the previous Web layer (Web 2.0) that is computable by machines. The Concept Web aims at converting the current web, dominated by unstructured and semi-structured documents into a "Giant Global Graph" composed of Semantic Web platforms. The ultimate goal of the Concept Web is to enable computers to do more useful work and to develop systems that can support trusted interactions over the network.

Language Circle

Language Circle offers a social community to engage with and learn from people across the globe through new friendships, language practice, and cultural understanding for work, travel and friendships that will enrich your life. On this platform, you can host an international get-together, chat with certified translators and verified travel hosts, and even win airline tickets abroad. It's fun, practical and an engaging way to learn about your world - through people!

Town Source

TownSource, a new type of web site that has a Semantic Repository of information about a neighborhood, town, or city. Fed by information contributed by its users, a TownSource repository comes to represent all aspects of the community and the relationships among them. By combining the ability for users to create their own content, via an innovative wiki, employing language processing (NLP), the creation of a highly relevant information source covering nearly everything is fostered.