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What's it about

Culture Whiz is a place to share cultural insights and sociological perspectives. Culture Whiz invites you to share your stories and explore within them the connections between social and cultural aspects of a place. The data we collect about people, behavior, and societal structures will inform and challenge you to discover the world beyond it’s beaches, landmarks, and cuisines.

Put simply, Culture Whiz is an up-to-date and reliable social-anthropology resource. When moving overseas, settling in abroad or just considering an expatriate adventure, prior knowledge of people and customs will enhance your experience.

Culture Whiz writers dig into the culture and sociology of each destination, looking closely at societal structures, behaviors, and the underlying reasons—historical and political— found in each city. Before your trip, you will have a more sophisticated understanding of the city, the people, and the world. In the process, you will discover a deeper understanding of yourself.

Here's what you will find inside

A wealth of information prepared for whatever you encounter on your trip, and it’s presented in an entertaining format that’s fun to absorb. Whether you're interested in starting a business in a new country or just International living, you’ll find perspectives from every angle. Here are just a few of the subjects our members examine:

  • What the people at each destination look like and how they act
  • Cost of Living, Finance and Healthcare
  • Food and Health
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Education and Schools
  • The social factors that make a city what it is
  • Cultural and historical understanding of people and places
  • Unbiased up-to-date travel reports
  • Government and Law

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Help take a closer look at the way society is structured, the behaviors to expect, and the underlying reasons—historical and political— for what you will find in each city. People can take society for granted without realizing society is a construction. We made it; but, it, in turn, makes us. By asking questions about how our society is set up and why, we learn how society shapes our everyday lives.

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