Most people need help before arrival and during their first six months in a new country. Culture Whiz offers a way to promote your busi­ness, services and products to potential customers at the time they need you.

Our audience consists of professio­nals, students and ‘holiday residents’ (retired full-time and part-time residents). If foreign residents form part of your target customers, Culture Whiz can help you reach this audience with made-to-measure campaigns. Advertising options include:

  • Display advertising: All standard banner sizes and premium formats for branding purposes.
  • Directory placement: Enhanced and featured listings in our directory to reach customers when they are looking for your service.
  • Service listings: Premium placement in our services section.
  • Content syndication: Inclusion of RSS-Feeds or individual articles that help your promote your expertise.
  • Email promotion: Advertising in the Culture Whiz newsletter.

All campaigns can be targeted to individual topic areas, various types of placement, different countries and languages. For further information about our current reach and your marketing possibilities at Culture Whiz, please contact us telling us about your requirements.

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Availability heuristic

People are inclined to make decisions based on how readily available information is to them. If you can easily recall something, you are likely to rely more on this information than other facts or observations. This means judgements tend to be heavily weighted on the most recent piece of information received or the simplest thing to recall.