Shenanigans with Andriy in Kharkov

Kharkov is old and very modern city at the same time. It has a great history of first capital of Ukraine and many interesting stories about famous people connected with it. There are many soviet buildings and new architecture in the centre. Different districts and their special citizens. Not like any other city in Ukraine it has it's own temper and soul. it's a city of students and talented musicians. Closer to Russia than to Europe, but with big ambitions and many citizens known worldwide. Although I travel a lot all around the world, I love my city and will show you why.

What's included: 

One bottle of water

Where we'll be: 
Freedom Square (Russian: Площадь Свободы, Plóshchad' Svobódy) in Kharkiv is the 8th largest city-centre square in Europe.
The Mirror Stream fountain was built in 1947, to commemorate victory in the Second World War. It is located at Sumska Street, just opposite the Opera Theater.
Originally designed for horseback riding and nature activities, Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure today offers scenic walking paths, fountains, sculptures, and a large amusement park suitable for all ages. Spread over a vast wooded area, the site was created by students and teachers in the...
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