Andrew Tate doesn't know science

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Andrew Tate doesn't know science

Unfortunately, the majority of what Andrew Tate says is a rehash of five to ten-year-old manosphere idiocy that was prevalent at the time. While a lot of what Andrew Tate says sounds good, such as men should take responsibility for their lives, work hard, and strive to be their best selves, I disagree with a lot of what he says as he has no real scientific knowledge, see: Gut microbiome health and disease As a result, he cannot really assist many of his followers, as many of them have serious health issues.

Sure, men have more health problems if they don't maintain muscles to support their immune system, which is weaker than a woman's. Females have two sets of immune system repair and stability of energy pathways to defend against energy or byproduct. As a result, there are generally fewer females with autism. However, muscles don't solve all your problems. So his advice to just "go to the gym and build muscles" won't work for many people.

I’ve played with enough herbs to know how much the brain is just a drug balance that supports and is somewhere between motivation and energy conservation and health... add in the dimensional analysis of time for those and yeah you have a good model for interpreting patterns, aka intelligence. Leave out current health and future health in the dimensional analysis and it’s a recipe for self-destructive doom in the future.

For example, hyper sensitivity to sensory stimuli might just be a low choline transporter count in the neural tissue. Mouse models showed the choline transporter and receptors played roles in the habituation learning circuits… low levels if the transporter were equivalent to the autistic type lack of habituation. With the reduced transporters the body can't manage the acetylcholine neurotransmitter properly... Once the acetylcholine transmitter is less than required to properly manage the neural habituation to a constant stimuli, the brain is wired to be sex addicted because the brain always receives some type of "sexy" signal from the world, advertising or women running around in a hypersexual world.

I've discovered that a lot of unhealthy people are assholes, racist, nervous wrecks, crypto investors, autistics prone to anxiety due to their own impending death. It’s problematic to discuss in limited detail without the science to explain the systemic problems that build up and what supports them... I know of people who eat so much protein it would like cause problems but they don’t have any issues, likely because their body is repairing itself and needs that much protein to do its continuous job of repairing Lyme disease damage. The problem is that several levels of knowledge have to be understood before the problem can be understood, and then the “why” has to be understood or the problem will just show back up in another form until the person removes the cause of the health issues that caused the downward.

If we really want to minimize the number of victims and prevent people from being deprived and becoming psychotic, schizophrenic, violent, drug addicted, and alcoholic broken minds. Once a year, health scans to keep people safe and energetic, intelligently aware, and, most importantly, capable of planning their future..

Yesterday, two separate experiments revealed that gut bacteria were responsible for the cholesterol load in the blood... statins (which actually function by playing with the bacteria, not how they assumed it worked) and a molecule that researchers discovered to control bacteria and decrease bad bacteria.

Same thing with crime... if children grow up paranoid and anxious and never plan something long term or have long term goals, they just do whatever and never do anything with their lives but grab something without thinking about the consequences, it's all downhill from there... the brain shows this as lower and lower use of the prefrontal cortex or damage from infections (bad immune system).

The same is true for cops and malnutrition; you take these people with no impulse control and give them a badge; what do you expect? It makes no difference what color their skin is; they all show the same lack of long-term vision and lack of ambitions that prevent people from going crazy (maybe long term goals are an indicator of long term health, idk). You wonder why these people are so crazy and violent due to a lack of socialization and friends? I'm just wondering where it all starts.

If you know the symptoms of disease on the brain, you basically have hypersensitivity and negative thinking presenting itself as depression (can you say psychiatric drugs, please?), escapism (druggies do that one to avoid their negative thoughts), and short term distraction being their modus operandi.

They don’t plan vacations or how to buy things over time, they just use credit cards and go into debt and never go on vacations because their credit card payments are due and they don’t want to think about bigger debt payments... that sums up all the paycheck to paycheck workers.

The negative thinkers though, that was published last week, hit the nail for how bad it is for individuals with diseases... you don’t just get negative thoughts, you don’t have friends when you’re negative and depressed, you fail at jobs, coworkers can’t stand being around you, etc. then you die with severe dementia and diabetes etc.

It takes an average of 5 generations to go from a poor family to a rich family on average. That’s definitely a enough time to get rid of nasty fungi and bacteria that follow families usually where they go and through generations until they find a place that doesn’t have the same climate and has a bacteria or fungi that outcompetes the ones they have or a food source that lets the healthy ones thrive.

That’s how you stop idiots from whining too, negative thinkers always whine. You get rid of the negativity and the diseases and why people can’t and don’t think about their long term goals. Healthy people, even children go after long term goals, career goals or fantasy goals (owning lots of fancy cars, being a major league baseball player, etc)... having a family being a long term goal that most healthy people have, the less healthy ones seem to not want a family... go figure. The negative ones rarely have families unless their religious and then it is fucked up family experiences and leads their kids to not want families... again go figure.

In any case, continuing, his views on COVID-19 and depression are completely uneducated. Mostly bacteria biofilms that cause anxiety, aggression, delusions, schizophrenia, diabetes, etc. I have a whole article on that. Biofilms distort the development of normal behaviors by interfering with the elimination of hormones and other toxins during the development process and by amplifying the influence of viruses, if I am correct, and I am always correct.

People are just now catching on.. DNA isn’t as stable as they say it is, it changes in tissue across your organs and body as each is infected with different bacteria, fungi, and viruses throughout your life. I could add that DNA structures hold the key to the consciousness, they are too electrically conductive and the nerve pathways are wrapped in myelin sheaths that allow for the electrical impulses... the key part is that you have to have the electrical voltage (DNA can handle something like 100k electron volts) and they happen to be able to carry out logical functions, so tissue with various types of gene and epigenetic differences can act as a logical damper field... someone will have to build a complete model of the electrical fields and DNA of a brain, along with all the structural features, to test the emergence of a consciousness “field”, otherwise its just guessing at the functionalism of everything.

Apparently all this autism/depression stuff is just messed up bacteria causing low serotonin levels, because that’s what improves the speed of the muscle movements to get the food through the intestines. Once you get the disruption to the serotonin levels in the intestines, it messes with your brain’s serotonin levels too... because your brain is working overtime to produce a hard to produce molecule. If the foods stay in the intestines too long the immune system activity goes up way too much. This cause artificially high synapse pruning rates due to the reuse of the same "tag" function of the protein being produced that then interacts with glia cells that create or kill synapses/neurons, aka if the damage is in the "social" region of the brain's white matter it is called autism, if it is in the general white matter part of the brain it is called schizophrenia (reduced coherence between regions), it if is white matter connection between (corpus callisum) the hemispheres of the brain it is bipolar, etc.

The other bacteria that help the brain produce butyrate, the healthy people have lots of the types that produce that and that butyrate helps keep cells in the brain from being damaged during inflammation. The researchers are tracing down the bacteria that induce more serotonin and which ones disrupt the production of serotonin in the cells that surround the intestines.

Seriously, an overactive immune system spikes the norepinephrine neurotransmitter as it upregulates the immune system using norepinephrine as a hormone in the body. These drugs just stimulate the brain tissue to produce neurotransmitters, which it might be low due to how much it’s more concerned with fighting an infection... or they block the transmitters that are overpresent due to an infection. Blah blah.

The vaccine is far far far far better than feeling like a dead person with the virus going after your brain. Basically anyone who gets these overactive immune system reactions is screwed, gray matter in the brain is destroyed due to whatever interactions and low oxygen, etc… lung damage, etc. Get your vaccine! Take your B. Bifidum probiotics. B. Bifidum bacteria regulates the immune response, that one and another one prevent the severe symptoms in COVID-19… other one isn’t available in a probiotic due to oxygen destroying it.

The Johnson shot is the best one… mostly it was rushed mass manufacturing when they first started and/or if you got covid you would get the clots due to the immune system being hypersensitive to an analog of a supertoxin that had similar physical structures on the protein spikes or base of the spikes. People who are hypersensitive to the supertoxin tend to be the ones who die really easily with the Covid-19… body goes into shock too quickly…

Sadly those people are going to have issues with or without a vaccine. At least with the JnJ vaccine they have a micro dose that doesn’t multiple too many times as there is only a limited amount of the virus to infect and multiple the spike proteins… the mRNA ones multiple a few more times as they instruct the cells to manufacture the spikes and they dosed the mRNA to be multiple times the necessary amount, booster shots are less than that because they don’t need that much to trigger the boost… the mRNA ones are only really deadly to the heart when they are injected into a blood vessel and not the muscle tissue like they are meant to be injected into… the people who report no pain at the injection site are the ones who get it into their blood and then the heart can be attacked as the mRNA integrates into that tissue and starts producing proteins…

The majority of this, however, can be avoided by ensuring optimal levels of vitamin D (BTW, vitamin D is actually a hormone not a vitamin but lets just stick with the word vitamin because it might get confusing to use the proper term at this point). That is, at least, the theory. As you delve further, things get a bit more complicated. A story was recently published about a 40-year-old man with sufficient vitamin D levels who is now on oxygen and waiting for a lung transplant after contracting COVID. The 40-year-old most likely had low magnesium levels for decades, which is also correlated with celiac disease/IBS, aka autism, etc..., so he may have been chronically low then Covid-19 cause weakening of the blood vessels (basically all the 300+ enzymes that repair and help the body do something stop working without magnesium). Stupid medical care is worthless when it comes to saving your life from anything “new” (unknown to doctors). Doctors never study nutrition or prescribe it. They are only interested in drugs. No surprise there.

The issue is that it all depends on the person. Something that is perfectly safe for someone else could cause kidney, thyroid, or pancreas dysfunction in someone else, both of which could lead to other problems. People who try green tea extract can die of liver failure or other health problems such as cardiovascular disease as a result of their lack of exercise and years of disease/dysfunction.

Probiotics are truly all you need but they are unaware of all the bacteria that aid the intestine... They are overlooking whole families of bacteria that they are only now becoming aware of. They are only aware of the bacteria that are simple to cultivate.

They don't even know what dosage of Vitamin D to use in these trials. You must consider an individual's obesity factor and keep Vitamin D in the slightly higher range over a longer period of time to get their blood levels to stabilize... literally every doctor should be testing blood levels of vitamin D and muscle strength thresholds, you should be treated for lack of strength, and exercise should be prescribed after any issues are resolved... otherwise a quick bandaid fix.

Seriously, once you get low vitamin D levels and the immune system starts to go haywire and it is doing damage to the intestines because it doesn't know what to do with the biofilms and lack of D makes it less precise... It all just cascades and repeats itself,

A systematic analysis of the effects of these bacteria/fungi on diseases/brain development/civilization is needed. Based on my own experience, I'm pretty sure that 99.9 percent of stupid people have the worst bacteria. If their DNA analysis shows that they are being destroyed by a bacteria/fungi biofilm disease, we will need to open spa-like resort "treatment centers" where people can go to get rid of the diseases.

This entire medical system needs a reboot! After you get through the laziness and lack of nutritional education in this society, there’s a lot more work to do to help people get healthier and vitamins only help a tiny bit. If you want to live forever, apparently you just need ~60-90min of higher oxygen levels per day to help your body get rid of sluggish cells and lengthen your telomeres on the cells, oxygen deprivation in high altitude and coming down to low altitude also does this “briefly” higher oxygen levels.

Some Israeli researchers where studying telomere length and saw the reduction in senescent cells while the telomeres lengthened over the course of the treatment... I think it was 3 months... the removal of the senescent cells is a huge issue in aging, nobody outside of hardcore exercising research showed any real improvement on that, the old sluggish cells build up and reduce oxygenation and decrease nutrient levels... later those cells tend to get cancer etc

Only other relevant research is stem cells apparently use the physical impact of other cells to shutdown their division and other growth factors, so might have to go through cycles of decreasing body mass and regrowth to physically stay young.

We really need a large-scale global prevention health and public well-being policy initiative. We're searching for extraterrestrial intelligence but I still haven't seen much evidence there is any here.


In essence, Andrew Tate has just repackaged the cumulative click-bait and outrage-provoking content of the Manosphere between 2010 and 2018 for consumption by Zoomers. Perhaps not to be taken too seriously or with much sincerity. He has a powerful presence and is evidently very clever. He also does well in the areas of marketing, speaking, and presentations. His self-assurance, courage, and disagreeable demeanor are all incredibly endearing, and they go beautifully with his enormous natural charisma and flamboyant demeanor. He's tailor made for social media, so it's hardly surprising that his thoughts on everything caused such a blowup.

Sure, some therapists can keep patients in therapy for their own benefit, and many patients have a tendency to dwell on their flaws and limitations for too long, whether in therapy or elsewhere—at the bar, for example. His views, though, are largely cunning "outrage clickbait."

Therapy does not always entail whining and complaining nonstop. Yes, some people can become mired in excessive amounts of navel-gazing "talk therapy," but the main goal of therapy is to motivate patients to act and better their own lives in their own ways. He is unaware of any other types of therapy outside "talk therapy," for example, he would be unaware of the tried-and-true technique known as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories).

He is ignorant of complex trauma. "Just do it already; you're a wimp," Okay, buddy. That will be difficult to explain to someone who experiences frequent nightmares and uncontrollable flashbacks.

He gave a fairly weak example of a person surviving an aircraft crash and recovering without therapy to argue that therapy is unnecessary and has been unnecessary for thousands of years. He then suggests speaking with a friend. Numerous individuals, whose worries outweigh their friends' abilities and willingness to assist, will find this infeasible.

Tate's technique suffers from individualized weaknesses and naive cliches, such as the "simply be confident" maxims we can all learn from our mothers and Linkedin's "fortune cookie insight" Leaders.

What solutions does he have to suicide thoughts and plans? None. Well, "just get on with it," if that's what you call a solution. Calling someone a pussy is ineffective. Calling individuals entitled because they are not in a combat zone is likewise ineffective.

Tate has adopted a narcissistic persona as part of his self-promotion, and he is well aware that young men today are clamoring for male leaders with balls.

All of the aforementioned points to his grandiose fantasies and/or his readiness to speak outside of his field of expertise and/or his commitment to generating clicks.