The Israel-Hamas war

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The Israel-Hamas war

While I understand the plight of individuals who have experienced victimization, it is imperative for the Palestinian community to pursue improved leadership or face the potential consequences of continued conflict. Numerous times, a two-state solution has been proposed only to be rejected by Palestinian leadership, including the Secular Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Hamas Islamic Organization. At Camp David twenty years ago, the Jewish side extended to the Arab Palestinians 99.9% of their demands; however, the corrupt Palestinian leadership abruptly declined.

In order for Palestine to exist as a state, they have to accept Israel's right to exist, and they absolutely refuse to do that. They have been defeated in each of the seven to thirteen previous armed conflicts in which they were engaged in hostilities over the control of this territory. This land will not be returned to its original owner (whoever that is). The military capabilities of Israel are considerable, and Israel is actually a flourishing democratic state.

The Middle Eastern nations often express solidarity and emphasize the value of brotherhood. However, it is noteworthy that none of these countries are willing to accommodate significant numbers of Palestinians or other displaced individuals within their borders. This reluctance likely stems from their anticipation of the potential consequences associated with such resettlement efforts. In various regions, such as Ukraine with its ethnic Russians, Canada with French Quebec, Spain with Catalans, and others, the presence of a significant population with distinct cultural and identity characteristics has led to notable tensions.

Reflecting upon historical events, it is worth considering the actions taken by the Jewish community approximately 75 years ago. Acquire a parcel of land in a suitable location, and upon the arrival of a sufficient number of individuals from your tribe, proceed to assert sovereignty and declare independence. One individual who ranks among the wealthiest individuals globally is a person of Palestinian and Mexican descent. Carlos Slim Helu is Mexico's wealthiest person, with a net worth of $93 billion.

A bit of history

Previously, this region, known as Palestine, was subject to British colonial administration. The British offered 60% to Jews and the remainder to Palestinian Arabs. The Arab population in the area did not agree with this and decided to fight the Jews for more land. However, the Jews possessed significantly better organizing skills. During the conflict, cooperation between the various Palestinian factions and the Arab army was extremely weak. So the resultant conflict between Jews and Palestinian Arabs over this territory was a Palestinian defeat. Not once, but 10 to 15 times in a row. Most boxing matches consist of 12 rounds. It is over if you lose each round. Palestinians should proceed with a master relocation plan, ultimately accepting defeat, and stop using babies for propaganda and as human shields.

Seriously, when individuals attempt to defend Palestinian Arabs, their arguments predominantly revolve around the "babies," with a noticeable absence of logical or rational discourse. Palestine has a significant proportion of its population comprised of children, accounting for over 50%. These children are widely distributed throughout the region. It is worth noting that some individuals with extremist religious beliefs, who hold positions of authority in Palestine, exploit these youngsters for their own purposes, often employing them as prompts and even using them as human shields.

Hamas attack on Israel

The attack in October seemed to have taken Israel's right-wing administration by surprise, raising questions about their level of preparedness. However, further analysis is required to determine whether this lack of preparedness was indeed unexpected or if there were indications that were overlooked. Some argue that Netanyahu provided support to Hamas, disregarded Egyptian intelligence in the days leading up to the attacks, and even shifted the majority of security personnel to the West Bank in an effort to facilitate Hamas' attack. Giving Netanyahu justification to destroy Gaza permanently. Irrespective of the operational approach selected by the Israeli Defense Forces, the consequences of the ensuing violence will strategically mirror the intentions of those who initially supported Hamas: the Israeli right-wing government and the leadership in Tehran. They might even have justification to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, which is why Iran is now turning its back on Hamas:

Iran used the Palestinians. Now, it is more beneficial to Iran to sacrifice them in order to further their own goals. Iran has no love for Arabs or Sunnis. Iranians want to be major player in the Middle East. Iran has been watching the warming of relations between the UAE, Israel, and Saudi Arabia with increasing dismay. A few weeks prior to the war, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated at a security conference that the threat of war in the Middle East no longer no longer kept him awake at night, due to the region's burgeoning diplomacy, commerce, and tourism. Iran has been determined to change Sulivan’s sleep patterns and their strategy has been to encourage the Hamas attack in the hope of a massive overreaction by Israel. Such a move could plunge the Middle East back into an abyss of chaos which Iran can then exploit to her advantage.

The divided Israeli government will now work together for a common goal. Bibi will continue to rule. As long as Netanyahu is Prime Minister, nothing good will come of this. He should have faced consequences and been replaced by a less reckless leader.