Square Macedonia

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Square Macedonia

The Square Macedonia is the core link of the city unites on the left and right river Vardar sides.

The Square Macedonia in Skopje was more precisely shaped during the period between the First and Second World War i.e. from 1920 to 1940.

Its location is the context of the Stone Bridge the core link of the city unites of left and right Vardar Sides.
There were situated important object around it: National Bank, The Post Office, Officers House, the Department Store Na-Ma, the hotel Macedonia, Ristikjeva Palace.

However, after the Second World War, and especially after the disastrous earthquake in 1963 apart of the object were demolished, therefore the square in Skopje has quite different look now.

There are very important administrative, cultural, trade, bank, catering tourist and other buildings in its surroundings.

In the vicinity of Square Macedonia, the Square Pela with Gate Macedonia is located, as a real gate on the entry of the square.