Restaurant LA TANA

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It is a newly prepared guest house that will make you feel like the spirit and smell of the old town-ethno style in the early 40 years, a place where you will feel the blessing of delicious food and wonderful wine, a place where the overall need of one The people needed at this point in the unreal, inferior and unproductive products by catering facilities.

LA TANA will mainly work on high quality foods, prompt and exceptional professional service by the full staff. La Tana catering does offer its customers not only barbecue and homemade salads, but also a whole range of high-quality food from Macedonian traditional cuisine and drinks.

These recipes will be prepared by chefs who have experience from the old Macedonian-traditional cuisine, and it will normally work always at the desire of our precious customers.

Our location is located on the perhaps the busiest street where the POLICE STATION PROLET and TUTUNSKI KOMBINAT SKOPJE