Women in Poland

Submitted 4 weeks 1 day ago by Aleksey.

These are some of the observations made about the women in some major Polish cities.


Polish women from Warsaw tend to dress well, wear makeup, and compare favorably, in terms of presentation, to elegant women in other great international cities. However, they can be friendly, but at the same time, aloof. They share a similar characteristic to New Yorkers, in that they tend to see much of the rest of the country as backwater communities


In Wroclaw, very few women speak conversational English. Though they are friendly, they can be subject to flakiness. What sets Wroclaw apart from other Polish cities is the quantity of women who live there, not necessarily the quality. The city has a very large population of female students, twice as many as Poznan.

Many girls in Wroclaw are from the countryside and therefore very xenophobic and distrustful of foreigners. However, Wroclaw is something of a party town, with an active club scene. Women frequently go to clubs without their boyfriends in this city. Those who are not xenophobic tend to be very interested in foreigners, largely because there are so few of them.


This city is packed with young female students, ages 18-24, but unlike the more elegant women of Warsaw, they seem to lack the money to dress well and take care of themselves. The city is grittier than other Polish cities, but full of nightlife and things to do, as well as a wealth of attractive women.

To be continued...