Kiev Old Town Tour with Kate

The Old Town Tour is the best among other Kiev city tours for those who are here for the first time.

I will show you all the key sights of Kiev:

The National Opera House, The Golden Gates, Sirotkin House, Khreschatyk Street, The Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti), St. Michael’s Cathedral, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Church.

This is an excellent option to explore all the major attractions of the city. Having chosen this program, you along with the route of the tour will get to know the history of Ukraine, starting from the foundation of Kiev, the ancient period of Kievan Rus, and finishing with independent Ukraine.

On the Independence Square, in the middle of the tour, I will offer you a coffee and tell the story of the last revolution that knocked the bottom out of Ukrainian society.

Special feature of this excursion is a detailed excursion in the pearl of the Old City – St. Sophia Cathedral, where you will see the interior of the temple, fully preserved from the 11th century, the sarcophagus of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, the model of Kiev in XII century, and unique wall paintings.

The tour ends on Andreevskiy Descent, where you can continue exploring the city on your own or ask me about the best Ukrainian cuisine restaurant in the city – it is located nearby.

3-hour private walking tour will bring you into Kiev rich history. It is an excellent way to explore Kiev.

The cost of the tour for 1 person is 50 euros, for two – 30 euros for each, for three – 25 euros for each.

What's included: 
  • Pick up
  • Tickets to museum
Where we'll be: 
Andrew's Descent (Andreevskiy Descent) is one of the oldest and most popular streets in Kiev. Andrew's Descent is a historic road connecting Kiev's Upper Town neighborhood and the historic commercial Podil neighborhood. This road is regarded as the "Montmartre of Kiev". It's a major tourist...
Maidan, or Independence Square is the central square of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. One of the city's main squares, it is located on Khreshchatyk Street in the Shevchenko Raion. The square has been known under many different names, but often it is called simply Maidan ("square").
St. Sofia Cathedral is the world famous historical and architectural monument of the first half of the 11th century. The name of the cathedral comes from Greek word "sofia", which means "wisdom". Built in the times of Yaroslav Mudry, the cathedral served as a social, political and cultural center...
The sky-blue St. Michael's Cathedral, with its fabulously shining domes, is one of the most beautiful and important Orthodox temples in Ukraine. Built in the 90s, it is a remake of the destroyed St. Michael's Cathedral, which stood on the territory of the oldest monastery of Kyivan Rus for over...
The National Opera Theater of Ukraine is a gem of Ukrainian and Russian culture that houses professional ballet and opera performances in the heart of Kiev.
Merchant Alexander Sirotkin wanted to build the most elegant building in the entire city, so the house is designed in the spirit of the Renaissance, decorated with stucco and extraordinary sculptures all around. It was a favorite place of Kiev aristocracy. On the ground floor there is a well-known...
The Golden Gates of Kiev was the main gate in the 11th century fortifications of Kiev, the capital of Kievan Rus'. It was named in imitation of the Golden Gate of Constantinople. The structure was dismantled in the Middle Ages, leaving few vestiges of its existence. It was completely rebuilt by the...
Rare in its beauty and grace, the St. Andrew's Church, stands on a hill in the historic center of Kyiv. It is one of the most famous Orthodox temples in the Ukrainian capital. This amazing construction, rightfully considered to be a real work of art, is among the most remarkable of the city’s...
Khreshchatyk (Ukrainian: Хрещатик, Khreshchatyk;) is the main street of Kyiv, Ukraine. The street has a length of 1.3 km (0.81 mi). It stretches from the European Square (northeast) through the Maidan and to Bessarabska Square (southwest) where the Besarabsky Market is located. Along the street are...
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