The Social Life At UC Berkeley SUCKS!

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The Social Life At UC Berkeley SUCKS!

Remember the high school crowd that studied really hard because they had no social life, because they were weird or unattractive? Well, they all got accepted into UC Berkeley. Sometimes I think the campus must have sucked up all the beauty. There are some great minds on campus but most of them are self-absorbed in their own research to give a dam about the world around them.

There are very few good looking people that come to UC Berkeley. Prepare to lower your standards of what you consider good-looking (the phenomenon is known as “Berkeley goggles”). About 80% of all the women are unsightly and the very few who are pretty are all in serious relationships.

If they ever break up with a boyfriend, they could have one within the hour if they so desired. If you’re an average looking girl, it’ll be a similar thing although perhaps not as drastic. You’ll get another guy before the week is out, should you so desire. Berkeley was rated by Playboy as having the “ugliest” girls. Some of the girls are alright looking, but they often have old boyfriends from home that they simply REFUSE to let go of, are bitchy as hell or are so involved in their “Greek Life” stuff that they won’t give guys outside their little bubble world the time of day. However, if you are a D1 bold athlete with money, you will be fine.

Most people tend to keep to themselves on campus and this can be somewhat isolating. There are clubs that you can join but since I’m not Asian there goes about 80% of the options. The football games and close proximity to San Francisco are the only good social perks about Berkeley. Around town there are only THREE bars and they can get really overcrowded and gross..

The city itself is…depressing. Homeless people everywhere. Berkeley, the city, town, whatever it is, is a terrible place to live for people who don’t beg on the streets for a living. I’m not sure if Berkeley is a city or a town because it’s too small and boring to be a proper city but too filled with concrete and ugly to be a proper town. It’s dirty, it’s ghetto, it’s small and boring, yet it’s expensive.

I often wondered how half the students got admitted. Numerous people struggled with classes that contain basic concepts like Stats 2. However, If you come to Cal, expect to work your ass off and then some. People are here to get credentials, not make friends. The professors at Cal Berkeley ranged from open-minded and accepting to so close minded, the only way to get an A is to be a complete sycophant.

My advice is to take everything at Berkeley with a grain of salt and try to make the best of it. The degree is cool if you can survive without a social life for about 4-5 years, because the Greek system and social interaction is discouraged by the huge amount of silly work given. The Greek System itself, is being turned into a joke by the University. Constant moratoriums prevent any party from being held, and the Campus is pretty dead on football days. Everyone goes to the game and then goes home to study some more.

Unfortunately you're absolutely right

This isn't particularly shocking either. In the Bay Area people are very hard to connect with because they are duds in terms of personality. You have a lot of spoiled, culturally bankrupt protected bubble babies, autistic resource drones and artistes with mucho self promotion and no talent. They are like empty shells and robots with NO PERSONALITY and no expression (except for the most superficial ones). It is very hard to connect with them since there is nothing to connect with. People just meet for convenience and then go their own way and you are expected to do the same.

Many of the women I've met at Cal Berkeley are shallow, unreliable and full of themselves. For some reason they think that they are extremely attractive and wonderful in every way even if that's far from the truth. I'm generalizing of course, there are some exceptions to this rule but a lot of the ones I met are just like this. Super boring duds!