The People of Ukraine

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Ukraine was a part of Russia for a long time. The extreme east of Ukraine, especially the Donbass, is mostly Russian. Part of the reason for this is that this region was de-populated of all ethnic Ukrainians because most died in the famine, which hit hardest here. East of the Dnieper, to varying degrees, has a strong Russian influence. Overall, Ukrainians are much closer mentally to Poles, they usually prefer nice simple living instead of having ambitious goals. Ukrainians have strong Polish, Lithuanian and Austro-Hungarian historical influences that Russia just does not. Ukrainians had a tradition of owning their own land and small farms for millenia. Ukraine was a farming and agricultural-based society for millenia in a way Russia never was.

A common Russian term for a Ukranian is "Khokhol." It is a derogatory term and essentially means "hick." Like guajiro for a Cuban not from Havana. Irish (particularly those from Dublin) refer to country folk among their own as culchie. The English call them paddys or micks. And that is one difference: the Russians have such a derogatory term for all Ukrainians that essentially calls them all country bumpkins while an equivalent derogatory term for Russians amongst Ukrinians is "katsap", the truth is that if you say "Khokhol" all Ukrianinas and all Russians instantly know what you mean. Many would not know Katsap. Khokhol is an ubiquitous slang temr (and literally refers to the traditional Ukrainian Cossack haircut).

Ukraine is a huge place....


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Many of the more attractive girls are either married or have boyfriends. They are sought after locally. Most are happy in their home towns and with their families and are perfectly willing to put up with their conditions, even if poor.

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