Ukraine in a Nutshell

Ukraine (Ukrainian: Україна) is a country in Eastern Europe. It lies at the northwest end of the Black Sea, with Russia to the east, Belarus to the north, Poland to the northwest, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, and Romania to the south west and south, with Moldova in between.

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Kiev (Ukrainian: Київ) is the capital and largest city of Ukraine with - officially - approximately 3 million inhabitants (unofficially up to 4 million inhabitants). The city was founded on the banks of Dnipro River. The transliteration of the city's name from Ukrainian is "Kiev", and this variation is used in official English language materials in Ukraine, major English-speaking countries and international organizations.

Nightlife & Bars
"Palata No. 6" translated from Russian means "Chamber No 6". This is a hospital-themed bar where the barmen and waitresses wear nurse outfits and doctors’ scrubs and they greet you with many kinds of drinks served in test tubes. You might be offered the chance to do a straitjacket and have drinks...
Nightlife & Bars
Barbara Bar is located on one of the rooftops in the heart of Kiev. It is a very cozy and nice gastronomic bar which welcomes you at any time of the day. There are comfortable sofas with lots of pillows and wooden chairs which makes you feel home and enjoy some unique cocktails. The nightlife mode...

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