Contract Square

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Square of Contracts or Contract Square (Ukrainian: Контрактова площа, translit.: Kontraktova ploshcha) is the oldest square in the capital of Ukraine. The square is located in the Podol district. It got it's name from the historic trade deals that took place at that location. In English, its name can be translated to the Square of Contracts.

There are many important buildings in this square. Some of them include the Administration of the National Bank of Ukraine and the military school, Kiev Mohyla Academy. You will also find the Samson fountain in the square, where water comes out of the lion’s mouth during warm weather.

In Addition to the various important buildings in the square, you will find the Assumption Church Pirogoscha, which is the oldest church in Kiev.

In the middle of the square you will find a shopping arcade called 'Gostiniy Dvor', which can be translated to ‘’a long line of shops’. There is a garden near the shopping arcade. In the garden, you will find various monuments of some famous Ukrainian philosophers