About us

Culture Whiz is the go-to resource for digital Nomads, as well as those thinking about relocating or traveling abroad. Going abroad, or even to a different city within your own country, can be stressful or upsetting for the average person. It is almost always the case that their stay is brief before they must depart for their next destination, leaving them with a strong sour taste or apprehension about what could have been.

But what if you could learn more about the place you want to visit before you go? Consider a situation in which you had prior knowledge before visiting your desired location. It would make a WORLD of difference to how the turnout of your experience would have been!

Culture Whiz aims to provide you with just that. A resource that provides you with an insider's view of the culture and social life of the destination you're planning to visit or are simply curious about. Our platform delves deeply into the way of life that lies behind the destinations you intend to visit. Emphasizing what people are like, what social life is like, what living costs are like, information about the local government and law, and, of course, what food and entertainment venues are like!

That's only a fraction of what we'd have envisioned, but don't take it from people writing about it on the internet! Another feature that distinguishes Culture Whiz is the ability to book your own host, who is a native of the area to which you intend to travel! You'll get a firsthand look at what to expect from your journey into a new culture this way! This host can be selected specifically for you based on your preferences and needs, which we learn when you sign up. Alternatively, you can browse our experience section and select a variety of your preferences and host.

Traveling will always be a bewildering journey that you are expected to figure out as you go, but why not have control over what you include in your quest for cultural enlightenment?

Our Story

What is the culture in Germany like? What are the social factors that make France what it is today? Culture Whiz was founded by Shawn Black and Alexandra Raduga as an online resource with information on all aspects of cultural and social life in different countries. We answer all these questions and many more in an entertaining format that’s fun and easy to absorb. Whiz it! Visit! That's what we're about. There are hundreds of travel sites that tell you about the best places to visit or the coolest sights to see, but contain nothing about the people and their culture.

Our Mission

Culture Whiz was created with the spirit of sharing knowledge. Whenever travelers meet each other on the road, they swap info about the places they came from and ask questions about places they're going. We want to make it easy to share that knowledge and let others share it. The challenges of moving, settling in, and making a new life can be difficult. We aim to help make this easier. Whether you're an exchange student, traveler, professional, or pensioner – our information, resources and services will help you settle abroad.

At Culture Whiz, we believe travel or moving country can be a transformative learning experience, in which one immerses into a culture, beyond the façade of the tourism industry – meeting people, visiting places, and experiencing a cultural authenticity beyond that of the average traveler. You will make new friends and learn new ways of life.

We're striving to become the destination of choice for folks who travel extensively. How does the Culture Whiz website work, and do you generate income from it?

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