About us

Culture Whiz is the premier resource for people interested in cultural anthropology, moving abroad or just an expatriate adventure. The site is a resource for people to enhance their time abroad with an insider's perspective. We know that travel or moving country isn't just enjoyable, it’s also the best way to understand the world’s diverse cultures and societies. Culture Whiz invites you to tell your stories, and reflect on the cultural makeups of different societal structures.

As sociologists and cultural anthropologists, Culture Whiz contributors examine places to better understand the links between historical events and sociological manifestations, biological circumstance and evolutionary theory – investigating the features of civilization that distinguish humans from rest of the animal kingdom.

Understanding human behavior and belief systems in your destination city will help you develop meaningful relationships. An informed perspective displays respect for preferences and ideals; and, in turn, a strong foundation for developing friendships. Culture Whiz helps you go beyond the surface; preparing you to delve into a destination and reap the enriching, cultural experience you seek.

What if sociologists ran the world?

Okay, that’s not realistic; but, what if there was a place for sociologists to comment and discuss everything from politics to pop culture?

That’s more like it.

Welcome to CultureWhiz.org, a site that features informative commentary from sociologists around the world. Come to this site for sociological perspectives on different places to live or travel.

We all generate our own ideas to address societal challenges (ie: terrorism, healthcare, education, etc…). Culture Whiz is a place to share those ideas and further investigate, so we can all have a deeper and richer understanding of the world around us.

So here’s what you can expect from this site:

Articles will be written in layperson terms for accessible readership.

All of the posts will pass the “so what?” test, to keep topics fresh and relevant.

Showcasing a wide variety of perspectives, this site will be more of a conversation than a class. We invite you to join the conversation; though, keep in mind, the point of this site is to learn, not to vent! Quality control will ensure relevant posts and enforce the mutual respect of all users.

Our Story

What is the culture in Germany like? What are the social factors that make France what it is today? Culture Whiz was founded by Shawn Blake and Alexandra Raduga as an online resource with information on all aspects of cultural and social life in different countries. We answer all these questions and many more in an entertaining format that’s fun and easy to absorb. Whiz it! Visit! That's what we're about. There are hundreds of travel sites that tell you about the best places to visit or the coolest sights to see, but contain nothing about the people and their culture.

Our Mission

Culture Whiz was created with the spirit of sharing knowledge. Whenever travellers meet each other on the road, they swap info about the places they came from and ask questions about places they're going. We want to make it easy to share that knowledge and let others share it. The challenges of moving, settling in, and making a new life can be difficult. We aim to help make this easier. Whether you're an exchange student, traveler, professional, or pensioner – our information, resources and services will help you settle abroad.

At Culture Whiz, we believe travel or moving country can be a transformative learning experience, in which one immerses into a culture, beyond the façade of the tourism industry – meeting people, visiting places, and experiencing a cultural authenticity beyond that of the average traveler. You will make new friends and learn new ways of life. We're working hard to become the place to go for people moving country.

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