Trip reports

Submitted 2 months 4 weeks ago by AlexP.

Since the government liberalized the visa program for Gulf Arabs, Indians, and others a few years ago, the city is now INUNDATED with thirsty foreign men who have driven the nightlife underground and caused widespread xenophobia. Tbilisi is probably the most Western-friendly city in the Caucuses...

Submitted 7 months 4 days ago by AlexP.

I went to the Dominican Republic early this year (May 2021) for the beaches, all-inclusive resorts, sexy women and famously warm people. Sure, there are nicer places for chicas but Dominican Republic is a decent place to date and get intimacy. Furthermore, beaches on the south coast are reputed to...

Submitted 8 months 1 day ago by AlexP.

I'd heard that any DF area with the word "Lomas" in its name is usually really good, but I wasn't expecting to find it so Americanized. Interlomas is insane; it literally feels like I'm in the OC. When compared to Cuidad Neza, it's like night and day; in Interlomas, everyone has light skin, is...

Submitted 8 months 1 week ago by AlexP.

This trip report focuses on the capital, "CABA" as it is often referred to in Argentina, Buenos Aires as it is known internationally, and provincial regions, which are sometimes referred to as Greater Buenos Aires or the province of Buenos Aires. Like how we have New York City, as well as the state...

Submitted 8 months 1 week ago by Aleksey.

Armenia is a tiny former Soviet republic nestled in the South Caucasus and bordered by Turkey on one side and Iran and Azerbaijan on the other. In the south, there is a small border with Iran, and in the north, there is a larger border with Georgia. I drove to Yerevan from Tbilisi, Georgia, and it...

Submitted 8 months 2 weeks ago by AlexP.

There are significant variations between nations, just as there are throughout the world! Rwanda, for example, is not the same as Equatorial Guinea. Cameroon is not the same as Ethiopia, which is not the same as Kenya, and so on. The regional denominations, on the other hand, have some worth. There is a distinction between East Africa, South Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, and North Africa that gives these classifications meaning

Submitted 8 months 2 weeks ago by AlexP.

Mexican women have become far too fat to make it worthwhile for a single, high-value man to remain there. Mexico has surpassed the United States as the world's most obese nation. The women of Mexico city are often shapeless with a rectangular frame. Others are fat. Most of the women that people would qualify as hot are located in the western part of the city, which unfortunately is reserved to corporate slaves, and is very spread-out.

Submitted 9 months 2 days ago by AlexP.

The city was bad, the people were obnoxious, the transportation was bad, the hotels were overpriced, and nearly every girl I met was only interested in making money.

Submitted 9 months 2 days ago by AlexP.

I think it's a hard pass for meeting women unless you're into pay to play, and even then, the girls are very expensive and cater mostly to 60-year-old retirees who are happy to pay $200USD for 30 minutes with an average-looking female.

Submitted 9 months 1 week ago by AlexP.

When I arrived in Praia, it was obvious what a small country this is. A tiny airport with a few guys outside and few facilities. I don't recall seeing a proper restaurant at the airport. I took a cab to the city center and found an Airbnb for about $40 per night. I wasn't staying in the colonial...