Different Phenotypes of Latinas

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Starting from the eastern side of the southern cone of the continent, Latinas from Argentina and Uruguay have a very European appearance and are often physically indistinguishable from the Mediterranean population from which they primarily descend. The women there generally have an olive skin complexion, somewhat hard facial features (I don't mean to be rude but I think European facial features quite hard for want of a better word) and a body type on the slimmer side which is not particularly curvaceous. In Buenos Aires or Montevideo you could easily confuse the people for Spaniards or Italians based on their phenotype. There are also pockets of indigenous-looking people too in some areas. The inhabitants of the Tierra del Fuego are mostly Amerindians and I believe that some of the people who live in the northernmost regions of Argentina near the borders with Bolivia and Paraguay also have strong indigenous features.


Ascending the western side of the southern cone and passing through countries like Chile, Bolivia and Peru, the women by and large have a much more indigenous phenotype. Chileans have a large percentage of Indian blood from Mapuches and other native people groups unless they are descended from recent European immigrants. Bolivians look even more indigenous to me. Peru also has this strong indigenous phenotype outside of its European social elite. The Latinas from these countries typically have a somewhat darker skin tone and often have somewhat "oriental" facial features. One thing that I notice is a relative absence of African admixture in Chile, Bolivia and a large part of Peru. You can find curvaceous women in these countries but they are generally not as abundant as in the more African regions of Latin America such as Colombia and the Caribbean.


Then you get to the part of Latin America ranging from Ecuador to the southern coastline of the Caribbean. Here there seems to be an increase of African admixture, even in female populations considered "White" according to Latin American ethnic classification. In countries like Colombia and Venezuela it is common to find some of the naturally curviest women on the continent often with perfect hourglass figures which dreams are made of. The Latinas from these regions also tend to have a more radiant, tropical skin tone than those further south from places like Chile and Bolivia. These Latinas look exceptionally exotic from my point of view and in many cases have that perfect ratio of European, indigenous and African blood. You also find many Afro-Latinas and Mulatas in certain parts of Colombia such as Cali. The Mulatas from that region have some of the best booty genetics that I've ever seen.



The Caribbean also has a similar kind of predominant phenotype albeit with a more Taíno aesthetic. I can't quite put my finger on the difference with the previous group of Latinas but I guess that the J.Lo or Lisa M look predominates, at least in Puerto Rico. In fact I've heard that Boricuas are among the thickest of Latinas. From what I've seen they are generally brown and have some really amazing booty genetics. Then you have the Dominican Republic where a large percentage of the population are Black or have heavy amounts of African admixture. Some really amazing booties there too. I'm not too sure about the typical Cuban phenotype. Does the Cuban look differ much from the Puerto Rican look? I'm curious to know.


Central America from Panama to Guatemala and also Mexico to the north seems to have a predominance of radiant golden-brown people with that classical Mayan look. I admit that I don't know that much about Central America and its people but it seems to me like the percentage of African admixture decreases in this region with maybe the exception of Belize which isn't even a Hispanic country and we are largely back to the somewhat "oriental" look, although in the northern regions of Mexico such as Nuevo León and its capital of Monterrey one can find a lot of people of European descent too.



Brazil is an incredibly diverse country which is distinguished from the rest of Latin America through its unique Lusophone culture. From what I've seen Brazilian women tend to have a little more European blood than Colombians and therefore have less of an indigenous look but still look extremely exotic by European standards and have good booty genetics throughout the country. In the south of Brazil you can find blonde women descended primarily from European stock but who for some reason still possess large African-style booties and curves. Then in the center and north you find darker Brazilians with a more typically mixed or African look. In the western regions you can find indigenous women who look more like the people of Bolivia and Peru.


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