Introducing Phnom Penh

Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, is a dynamic, busy metropolis. Located at the junction of three rivers, the huge Mekong, the Bassac, and the enormous Tonle Sap, this city was formerly known as the "Jewel" of Indochina. The capital city retains a substantial amount of charm and offers several attractions. With French colonial homes and tree-lined boulevards among enormous Angkorian buildings, the city emanates a sort of provincial beauty and tranquility. Compared to the modernism of other Asian capitals, Phnom Penh is a real sanctuary. The capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia welcomes visitors with a blend of Asian exoticism and legendary Cambodian warmth.

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Cambodia is a warm and welcoming country, and Cambodians strive to be good people who provide excellent service and leave a positive impression. However, Cambodia is a small country that, if experienced for an extended period of time, can rapidly become monotonous. After a few weeks, there is not...



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