Introducing Baku

Baku's electric urban scene began with its first oil blast toward the finish of the nineteenth century, which carried an enormous populace of settlers to the country. Prior to at that point, the city was contained inside twelfth century stronghold dividers — a piece of the Azerbaijani capital that is as yet standing today. After the Bolsheviks took over in the mid 1920s, the sumptuous homes of oil aristocrats were supplanted by structures that were better lined up with the communist philosophy. Be that as it may, when the nation picked up autonomy in 1991, a subsequent oil blast changed the city once more, and Baku modernized and extended towards the sky.

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Nightlife & Bars
Very shady place. Arabic/Turkish styled disco club. Entrance is 5 manat, but if it is not very crowded inside (early hours), they might let you in for free.
Nightlife & Bars
One of the best clubs in Baku. Very popular with Arab people. Entry about the same as other clubs. If you want to drink, eat, smoke hukka and weed, dance this club is best choice. Note : many girls come only for earning money.
Nightlife & Bars
Nice interior, lot of space, good bar ad crowded on weekends. Lots of bouncers, so it is safe to be there. Entry fee 20 manat. 3 different musical areas, 3 different moods. Pro girl offering their services, never intrusive. Do not go if you are offended by working girls. There are a lot past 12am...

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