North Macedonia in a Nutshell

The Republic of North Macedonia (Macedonian: евернa акедониа, Severna Makedonija; formerly the Republic of Macedonia, also known as FYROM and FYR Macedonia, Macedonian: акедониа, Makedonija) is a landlocked Balkan country.

The majority of the people are ethnic Macedonians and Orthodox Christians, but there is also a sizable Albanian Muslim community. A wonderful blend of architectural and ethnic heritage can be anticipated. The nation epitomizes the Balkans, with a fascinating blend of Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, and Mediterranean influences.

North Macedonia is home to a number of ethnic minorities. Because of the varying levels of ethnic conflict between Albanians (who form majorities in the northwest) and ethnic Macedonians, this is a topic best avoided. In order to resolve a name conflict with Greece, the country formally changed its name from the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of North Macedonia in February 2019. Almost no Macedonian currently refers to the nation as "North Macedonia." As a result, avoid using the word "North" when referring to anyone in the region, as many would find it offensive.

North Macedonia is a mountainous area with deep basins and valleys. There are three major lakes, each separated by a border, and the country is divided by the Vardar River.

North Macedonia is endowed with exceptional natural beauty. Visit one of the big lakes, the Pelister Mountains, Shar Planina in the west, and the fascinating rolling hills and mountains of the east with their rice fields.

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