Greater Poland in a Nutshell

Greater Poland, often known by its Polish name Wielkopolska [vʲɛlkɔˈpɔlska] is a historical region of west-central Poland. Its chief city is Poznań.

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The atmosphere of this city is created by the people - mainly students who come here to study and grow to love this town. There is always something going on...
From beer to boutiques. This shopping centre began life as an industrial-sized brewery, churning out bottles of Hugger beer by the truckload. Today, it’s a shining example of a stylishly reimagined space.
The heart of the Old Town. This square echoes with footfall from all walks of Poznań life. Beneath picture-book façades in crayon-box colors, youngsters chatter and old-timers set the world to rights, as the whirr of bicycle wheels blends with the click-clack of horses’ hooves. Pull up a seat in a...
Nice place to stay. Good location - between bus station and city center. The hostel is fairly small with a good common area so it was really easy to meet people. Each bunk had a huge locker underneath and beds were comfortable. Staff were really friendly and always available They offer (like all...

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