How does Culture Whiz work?

Culture Whiz is basically a market for community members and organized travel services to collect as much information about the place you want to visit as possible, enabling you to completely appreciate what that culture has to offer—making your travel more exciting than ever before. Anyone can connect a network service and receive WhizCoin network payment tokens in exchange. Buyers can pay for posts, experiences, and other products. Blockchain technology is used to move money over the Internet without the use of an intermediary such as a bank or payment processor.

When anyone requests that an agent conduct a task, a smart contract for that particular job is signed. The contract would, by necessity, entail the exchange of service tokens. As a reward for contributing to the network, incentive and reward tokens are distributed. As an example, Writers are paid depending on how much their work is appreciated by users. To achieve this, we employ a like button, which can be pressed several times by each user. Rewards for curating (discovering / editing) common content are also included in the reward scheme.

- Locations are classified into two types: destinations and places. Destinations are terms that represent places to visit (not smaller than town or village). Places are points of interest within destinations, i.e. places to visit when in a destination. A location can be added or edited by any person

- Consumer content is classified into two types: posts and trip reports. Articles are written by competent writers and tackle general issues. Any user can write a trip report about their personal experience.

- There are requests for articles and trip reports that any user may add. Users will vote on pending requests made by other users. That is, there is a list of the "most requested" requests. Users may also submit well-researched travel/relocation reports tailored to their specific preferences and needs.

- Tags are required for posts, trip reports, and locations. Tags are "interests" for users. Tags are used to locate related material in the "You might also like" parts of article and trip report pages. The "You might also like" portion of the position page is also filtered by current destination. Furthermore, on the destination tab, there is a "Recommended to you" block that displays locations in the current destination that are recommended to the current user based on his/her interests.

- Travel planning services tailored to your unique needs are also available, as are personalized itineraries for your dream vacation. Hand-picked guides, opulent hotels, memorable dining experiences, and much more. Culture Whiz strives to be at the forefront of global travel, and we have the resources to do so!