Coronavirus and the cause of sudden death in otherwise healthy young adults

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Coronavirus and the cause of sudden death in otherwise healthy young adults

As the new coronavirus spreads across the United States, reports of young people dying unexpectedly from Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, are starting to emerge. We are all aware that older people and those with pre-existing medical conditions are more vulnerable to serious coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Younger people seemed to have only mild illness, but health experts warn that the viral infection may cause sudden death in adults aged 20 to 40, including those who appear to be in good health.

Looking at the data more closely, it seems that certain people misuse painkillers (taking them to relieve PMS symptoms, headaches, and exercise pain) or are on hypertension drugs or something. The body increases the number of ACE2 receptor sites after taking them. Apparently, if you take those ACE Inhibitors, Ibuprofen, ARBs, and so on, you might have more ACE2 receptor sites, and more of those means the virus will bind to them all faster causing what's known as a "cytokine storm" in some young patients. The phenomenon, named after cytokine proteins which are part of the immune system, causes the immune system to overreact to an external pathogen, like a virus. The response ultimately could cause a patient's immune system to attack their lungs, causing their lungs to stop delivering oxygen to the rest of their body, and leading to respiratory failure and potentially death.

The majority of this, however, can be avoided by ensuring optimal levels of vitamin D (BTW, vitamin D is actually a hormone not a vitamin but lets just stick with the word vitamin because it might get confusing to use the proper term at this point). That is, at least, the theory.

However, as you delve further, things get a bit more complicated. A story was recently published about a 40-year-old man with sufficient vitamin D levels who is now on oxygen and waiting for a lung transplant after contracting COVID. The 40-year-old most likely had low magnesium levels for decades, which is also correlated with celiac disease/IBS, aka autism, etc..., so he may have been chronically low then Covid-19 cause weakening of the blood vessels (basically all the 300+ enzymes that repair and help the body do something stop working without magnesium). Stupid medical care is worthless when it comes to saving your life from anything “new” (unknown to doctors). Doctors never study nutrition or prescribe it. They are only interested in drugs. No surprise there.

The issue is that it all depends on the person. Something that is perfectly safe for someone else could cause kidney, thyroid, or pancreas dysfunction in someone else, both of which could lead to other problems. People who try green tea extract can die of liver failure or other health problems such as cardiovascular disease as a result of their lack of exercise and years of disease/dysfunction.

Probiotics are truly everything you need, but they are unaware of all the bacteria that aid the intestine... They are overlooking whole families of bacteria that they are only now becoming aware of. They are only aware of the bacteria that are simple to cultivate. They don't even know what dosage of Vitamin D to use in these trials. You must consider an individual's obesity factor and keep Vitamin D in the slightly higher range over a longer period of time to get their blood levels to stabilize... literally every doctor should be testing blood levels of vitamin D and muscle strength thresholds, you should be treated for lack of strength, and exercise should be prescribed after any issues are resolved... otherwise a quick bandaid fix

A systematic analysis of the effects of these bacteria/fungi on diseases/brain development/civilization is needed. Based on my own experience, I'm pretty sure that 99.9 percent of stupid people have the worst bacteria. If their DNA analysis shows that they are being destroyed by a bacteria/fungi biofilm disease, we will need to open care spa-like resort "treatment centers" where people can go to get rid of the diseases.

This entire medical system needs a reboot! After you get through the laziness and lack of nutritional education in this society, there’s a lot more work to do to help people get healthier and vitamins only due a tiny bit.