Coronavirus Treatment Protocol

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Coronavirus Treatment Protocol

Looks like they failed to contain the coronavirus, so... until the vaccine is made, look out if you’re old or have a compromised immune system. If you’re expose to coronavirus, increase your vinegar/oregano oil intake. It’s an enveloped virus — hides from the immune system, and the faster you break down that envelope the faster the immune system starts to make antibodies to it. It you get infected, oregano oil will probably strip the envelope off and wipe out 99% of the upper intestine virus infection (where the coronaviruses usually infect). Take a capsule of the oregano oil with meals and some garlic or anything else that’s antiviral. Mint etc. All the essential oils pretty much attack and weaken virus envelopes. If you take it for more than a week or so, it will start causing painful issues with your oil processing tissues/organs... always take with other oils to dilute and add vinegar to your system before taking the oregano oil.

Next I'd recommend keeping a bottle of Systemwell on hand in case you feel like shit and need to feel okay. Take systemwell every 2-3 hours, and honey seems to help the most with teas.

Honey is an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal... If it has any bacteria, it is likely not the type that effect humans or bees, lots of plant bacteria that just eat other bactera, etc. and sometimes help plants, etc..

Granted, you want raw honey, local honey to your region... so you get all the local pollution too, along with the local pollen... it helps your immune system by exposing it to local pollen types in limited numbers to help it desensitize to them. Raw == cloudy and not some high fructose syrup clear stuff that is "pasteurized and filtered".

Your diet should consist of a lot of chicken soup -- like every 4hrs roughly. Normally systemwell works at 3-pills in the morning and 3-pills at night for the nastiest flu/fevers. However, this virus is very strong. Anyone with a healthy immune system just get flu symptoms, 17% get severe symptoms...

Add some vitamin D3 to your treatment plan as well. 2000ic. Your vitamin D level should be over 35. Without enough vitamin D3 the body can’t regulate the bacteria or inflammatory response properly and goes all hare-wire ... which is most causes most of the damage in all of these diseases, autoimmune disease might as well be called vitamin D3 deficiency.

Also try eating more fiber for a few months and take vitamin D daily, should clear up things unless you got another virus/fungi... if you have that, add more vinegar and essential oils from oregano and rosemary etc to your diet when you eat carbs. That will take down the fungi and bacteria load in the intestines and help your body to disable the protective coatings of viruses, at least the ones which use the encapsulated coatings to hide from the immune system.