Culture Whiz master plan - rough draft

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Culture Whiz master plan - rough draft

Culture Whiz endeavors to establish itself as a leader in a number of dynamic and emerging sectors, including global travel, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and sustainability. We aspire to be the authority on all things travel-related. We have focused on the global excursions and activities sector of the travel industry in order to generate revenue. The estimated annual revenue in the United States is between $27 and $33 billion, with Europe contributing closer to $39 billion. Culture is a comprehensive concept that encompasses the ideas, traditions, and behaviors of any collective of individuals, such as a firm, society, region, nation, or continent. From that perspective, all human actions possess a cultural dimension to varying degrees.

Our technological objective is to assist in the conversion of words into actions, so that users do not have to consider which icon to press or how to precisely instruct a device to perform a specific action. Culture Whiz is a unique platform that enables virtual assistants to collaborate and synchronize on a large scale. This addresses a significant obstacle to the expansion of virtual assistants at now, namely the absence of interoperability, which greatly hinders the ability to utilize the unique strengths and capabilities of each individual virtual assistant.

We believe that within five years, everyone will have a virtual assistant (e.g., Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft's Cortana) to whom they can assign a variety of mundane jobs. It will book your flight, arrange your hotel reservation, remind you to pick up your child from soccer, and place an order for your next pair of perfectly fitting jeans.

What's are we doing?

Culture Whiz addresses an acute and growing market demand for organized, machine-readable information. The next generation Web, also known as the Concept Web or Web 3.0, will be built on concepts that are published as data in Concept Repositories and can be read and processed by devices, allowing these machines to search, combine, and act on information on the Web from various sources. Culture Whiz is the first and only global travel platform specifically developed for this purpose. On the surface, we appear to provide a single-click or "one-stop-shop" solution to gathering information from many websites.

On the backend, we build massive databases of organized, machine-readable data for virtual assistants. The Culture Whiz repository represents all parts of the community and their relationships, thanks to information given by its users. Locals can share their knowledge and benefit every time someone uses it. The platform is intended to offer visitors both professional guides to worldwide places and personal stories published by users who have visited, worked, lived, or studied there. Users seeking unique travel experiences can connect with vetted locals based on their personality, experience, and credibility. Travelers have the opportunity to plan their experience with a local ahead of time and pay for the number of hours they agree to spend together. Locals have the freedom to choose their hourly rate, tour timings, and duration by accepting just the best offers.

What is are societal impact, and how can it be measured?

We need meaningful media that will help people grow, come together, and face the world's difficult problems with love rather than hatred. We have a global network of local content providers in over 30 cities across seven continents. In Ukraine, we enabled over 200 local experiences, raising over $15,000 for local communities. In the United States, we have assisted 25 students in supporting themselves with writing projects, boosting optimism and teaching students how to learn more successfully. A major purpose of Culture Whiz is to ensure that the network is intended to incentivize and reward positive players.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is employed to conduct robust content analysis and automate specific tasks associated with data classification and keyword association (tagging). The data is subsequently encoded as RDF and communicated via APIs to facilitate machine processing and integration within the excursions and activities sector, which is valued at $100 billion. With the technologies listed above, we would have a medium for the formation of various new social, economic, and cultural networks. These would not result in total economic or social equality, nor would they solve all of the world's issues. However, they would go a long way toward allowing everyone on the earth to fully participate in the current techno-social transformation.

Who are are primary competitors, and how does our solution outperform them?

Nearly 280 million unique monthly visitors make TripAdvisor one of the most extensive travel websites. However, TripAdvisor's architecture is not conducive to AI-powered assistants. Since acquiring Viator for around $200 million to develop its excursions and activities offerings, TripAdvisor has not implemented any AI-based usability enhancements. Smaller organizations that attempt to penetrate the TOURS & ACTIVITIES market through specialized websites or applications lack viable business models. Since they lack substantial technology and content, their only expansion option is to invest heavily in advertisements. Notably, this contributes to the exacerbation of global inequality through the concentration of advertising expenditures in enormous corporations such as Google and Facebook. Even with enormous resources, these startups continue to confront formidable obstacles in their pursuit of scale, and many may fail if past performance is any indication. Getting consumers to download an app is becoming more difficult and expensive. It is becoming clear that the golden age of apps is coming to an end.

Culture Whiz is at a whole other level. Our platform will become the foundation of the future generation Web, bypassing current participants. For the old players to remain relevant, many proprietary systems require access to each other's APIs and a new coherence language, and history has shown that huge technology corporations tend to preserve their own patch. Many websites might eventually appear as antiquated as GeoCities pages, and certain organizations might even abandon them.

Our objective is to construct a profitable and scalable platform that supports sustainable development and alternative and diverse perspectives. Our organization generates content that is culturally significant and establishes links between brands and broader narratives and trends. Individuals tend to base their decisions on the level of accessibility that information provides. We generate revenue through the provision of curated, high-quality experiences worldwide, coupon schemes, ebooks, e-blasts, and display advertisements for brands. We charge a 10% commission on each experience transaction, with an average price of $40 for two people. Our customer acquisition strategy is editorial/media-driven. The monthly revenue generated by our experience section exceeds $2000. Our monthly revenue peaks at more than $5,000, and by 2026, we anticipate $10 million in yearly revenue.

Culture Whiz employs Syneural's Semantic Repository technology and Artificial Intelligence to captures users’ characteristics, needs, and values to drive the next level of digital personalization. We allow the encoding of user profiles which can be matched with incoming content streams in real-time. A given stream may have structure (“eco-friendly homes for sale in Brooklyn”) or no structure. Another stream may have real-time processing rules that may filter and route information from that stream to many tributary streams defined in even more granular ways for personalization. Research shows that 78% of buyers are more likely to purchase again if a retailer provides them with targeted and personalized offers.

With practically every industry competing to create and deploy AI-powered technology, the most significant growth is yet to come. According to Transparency Market Research, the worldwide artificial intelligence market is expected to increase from $233.8 billion in 2017 to $3.1 trillion by 2025.


The leading cultural travel website globally, Culture Whiz receives more than 100,000 monthly visitors. The number of members has increased by 30% this year. We have experienced a 25% increase in monthly site visitors over the course of the previous year. As soon as our network reaches a critical mass of agents, it will emerge as the preeminent destination for travel and culture, attaining a technological and market advantage that accelerates at an exponential rate. Any rival platform will be unable to replicate this level of cooperative, emergent intelligence unless it attains an equivalent magnitude and intricacy of agents and technology, which will be exceedingly difficult for any other platform to accomplish.

We have three long term goals for Culture whiz. The first goal is to be the hub of ideas, traditions, and behaviors of any group of people – company, society, region, nation, continent. The second goal is to accelerate the development of an intelligent Web computable by machines. The third goal is infrastructure development and tool prototyping particularly of tools pertinent to language processing, context analytics, image processing, tagging, and blockchain Integration.

Why should anyone fund our business?

To address some of the world's most difficult situations, social impact organizations must push the boundaries. Culture Whiz uses advanced technologies to empower local communities and help individuals reach their full potential, resulting in a more tolerant, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable society. Helping humanity evolve into a more evolved, intelligent, beneficial, and connected state of being. It is important that machines develop new levels of understanding. Instead of statistically determining how well a search phrase matches a document, a machine must be able to comprehend. As a result, a new sort of Web structured around concept repositories is required. This will result in a single, consistent visual framework/systematic picture in which users can focus on one or more topics and quickly view a conceptual summary of their choice. Many notable scientific discoveries and breakthroughs have entailed detecting links between fields or combining information from multiple sources. We understand that by examining numerous subjects concurrently, we may broaden our knowledge and dramatically alter how we handle common problems.