Does size matter?

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Does size matter?

The majority of males typically possess a girth measurement that does not exceed four inches, but it is widely acknowledged that around 80% of sexual gratification is derived from external stimulation of the clitoral region rather than internal vaginal sensations. It is usually a good idea to open up the penetration portion of intercourse by swirling your unit in circles while inside the vagina rather than a typical thrusting motion. A thick unit causes more pleasure because the extra girth increases the friction and pressure on the vagina walls. The first few inches of these walls have a lot of touch sensitive nerves. A thick unit enhances pleasure also because it dilates the vagina and it gives more pressure and friction. Women usually like the feeling of being "open", the feeling of being filled by a "thick dick". The thicker the unit, the more the vagina walls cling to it and the more she will have such sensations. This will usually induce multiple vaginal orgasms.

Many people believe that clitoral orgasms won't benefit from extra penis girth size. However, the clitoris is larger than just the visible part on the outside. The 'body' of the clitoris, which connects to the glans, it has two legs up to 4 inches long that flare downwards and backwards into the body. Also extending from the body of the clitoris are two bulbs, one on each side of the vaginal cavity, consisting of erectile tissue. It is obvious that a thick penis will create more stimulation on these legs and bulbs.

A thicker penis can also contribute to a clitoral orgasm for another reason - during penetration the tightness causes more pulling on the inner lips (labia minora). Since these connect to the clitoral hood, their movements often make the hood slide up and down over the clitoris.

Fact - 6 or 6.5 to 7..inches .there isn't any real physical reason why an inch or half would make a difference in sexual pleasure as the nerve endings are between 2 to 2.5 inch within the vagina. A 6 is as good as a 7. It's just visual stimulation that lasts for 5 mins into sex…like large boobs vs medium boobs. This guy's problem is loose vaginal muscles from prostitutes and his fondness for out-of-shape fat asses. His solution is completely foolish and feminine. To feel the girth she just needs to squeeze her muscles a little bit if the penis is thinner in circumference than 4 inches.

1) Length does matter for the cervical orgasm, It is hypothesized that a cervical orgasm refers to the stimulation of the A-spot, which is located anterior to the cervix. However 6 inches is plenty for any normal vagina, even the deepest Germanic/Slavic or African vaginas, because the woman can raise her legs and tilt her pelvis to effectively add 3-4 inches to penis length. Even 4 inches probably enough for most European women and more than enough for southeast Asians. Of course, if the woman is a lazy fat ass, she might not have the muscular strength to raise her legs...

2) Prostitutes probably have tighter than average vaginas. The vagina is exactly like the mouth: more you eat, stronger your lips, tongue and other mouth muscles become, and ditto for vagina. It's the women who never have sex, or never orgasm, and never do kegels and otherwise let themselves become lazy fat who typically have loose vaginas. Vagina childbirth also doesn't necessarily cause issues unless there was tearing or the woman allowed herself to become a lazy fat ass after giving birth and muscles go to hell. I've had plenty of sex with women with multiple vaginal deliveries, but tight vaginas because they kept their body in shape, including vagina. Loosest vagina ever was a shy young woman with little experience and probably never even thought about her vagina, so muscles became weak from disuse. Girth makes little difference of the woman has proper muscles, same as mouth can contract equally tight around little finger or thumb.

3) 80% of gratification from clitoris only because most women are sexually immature. Taoists agree that cervical orgasm is better. 90% or even 100% of gratification (not including foreplay) should ideally come from deep in the vagina, past the g-spot or middle gate. This is also true for men. Men who focus on the glans are sexually immature same as women who focus on the clitoris. Both male and female circumcision might have been invented to force inner focus, though i certainly don't advocate circumcision.