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Introducing Happier Abroad dot ORG

We're delighted to announce that we've partnered with the seasoned entrepreneur, Mike Wong from Luxury Travels to establish a new website for long-term travelers: Happier Abroad dot ORG Harnessing the same technological prowess that elevated Culture Whiz to global cultural tourism eminence, our forthcoming site aims to grace the digital realm by November 1st, ascending to the pinnacle of Google search results within a mere span of months.


Thrilled to share that Phase One of our two-part venture is now accomplished!, set to launch on November 1st, marks our second digital haven dedicated to aiding individuals in discovering a more fulfilling life overseas. Our aim is to forge a vast repository of wisdom on every facet of living abroad and foster a spirited movement centered on unlocking one's full potential—a strategy proven effective with Culture Whiz, the premier cultural tourism website worldwide.

With Happier Abroad, we embark on a bold NEW expedition to craft a comprehensive brand encompassing resorts, cannabis bars, tailor shops, and more—all unified under the banner of our international brand, Happier Abroad. Currently, we're actively seeking opportunities to secure land or hotels in the vibrant city of Pattaya, Thailand, where we can create an integrated complex housing these exhilarating ventures. In this journey, we weave a tapestry of experiences and possibilities.

Starting a MOVEMENT with international base

We're setting up our vibrant community hub at a stunning two-acre villa/resort in Pattaya, Thailand, where members can connect, socialize, and forge genuine bonds. Everything you need, from dining and romance to entertainment and local transportation, can be found right within our resort's welcoming confines.

In our exciting Phase Two, as we welcome millions of website visitors and grow our membership numbers to hundreds of thousands, we have ambitious plans to establish multiple all-inclusive resorts in sought-after vacation destinations and acquire over 200 properties exclusively for our members to enjoy during their travels.

It's no secret that many Western countries boast some of the world's highest living costs. Prices for everyday items often come with hefty price tags, leaving people feeling the financial squeeze. From skyrocketing housing costs and soaring rents to the transformation of once-affordable neighborhoods into trendy, pricey areas, it's a global challenge we're ready to tackle head-on.

HOLDINGS: is an online platform that provides information and resources about various cultures around the world. It offers articles, videos, and interactive content to help people learn about different cultural traditions, customs, history, and art forms. The website aims to promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation by showcasing the diversity and richness of global cultures.

Happier Abroad is a community that caters to those who are inclined towards pursuing an improved lifestyle through the means of residing, exploring other locations, and engaging in romantic relationships overseas. Its goal is to inspire international travel with the aim of exploring more hospitable cultures, engaging with foreign ladies, participating in global dating, experiencing expat living, fostering social connections, encountering authentic individuals, and benefiting from lower living expenses.

The Happier Abroad Movement champions the idea that living overseas, exploring new places, and embracing international dating can lead to a better life, especially for retirees and high net worth individuals. Thanks to the strength of the U.S. dollar, Americans and other high-earning individuals who venture abroad can savor a lifestyle that might otherwise be out of reach at home. Imagine making $60,000 a year and living a comfortable life that feels like you're earning $120,000 annually. is an online platform that focuses on language learning and linguistic diversity. It provides resources, tutorials, and interactive tools for individuals interested in learning new languages or improving their language skills. also aims to create a community where language enthusiasts and learners can connect, share knowledge, and explore the world through language.

This is primarily a holding company through which numerous international events and gatherings are organized on our platforms. All activities are in English.

Detailed psychological and cultural profiles of women in different countries.

Essentially, Dapper Threads is our brand that sells a wardrobe for sophisticated individuals who don’t have a lot of free time. Perhaps ten distinct styles and designs of tailored suits as the primary product. Then we’ll have 10 style of shoes and basic everyday things like polyester V-neck T-shirt, bucket hat, shorts, socks and accessories like Versace sunglasses, watch and gold chains. More or less useful items that I enjoy wearing. Looking for apparel is a time-consuming and tiring endeavor. I wish I could just go somewhere and have all the good things already picked out for me, as if I had a personal shopper with my size and other preferences in mind

All-inclusive resorts in sought-after vacation destinations.

Luxury condos, apartments, townhouses and Villas.

HA headquarters

We intend to create a social club in Pattaya similar to Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago for wealthy Thai and international people. If you don’t know, Mar-a-Lago Club is a members-only club with guest rooms, a spa, and other hotel-style amenities. I’ve been looking around for some place that has this covered in Pattaya, but all I’m seeing is cheap bars and go-go places for old deadbeat losers. So there is a severe need for the proposal that I am putting forth for my club.

Prolonged stays in Pattaya present challenges: the city quickly becomes boring, leading to an increase in alcohol consumption and frivolous spending on women and other nonsensical matters; if not already involved in drug use, you soon will be. Often, these guys deplete their funds, declare bankruptcy, or encounter other serious complications, such as overstaying their visas. I now understand why Thailand prohibits stays longer than thirty days. I follow a small number of YouTubers who have made Thailand their home. One individual, after leaving the United Kingdom permanently four years ago, has gained over 200 lbs. He is only in his mid-30s, but the way he is continuing to live will ensure he does not reach the age of sixty.

I'm considering organizing my social club around a large investment fund. That should keep things intellectually stimulating and entertaining. In investing, knowledge is king. There could be a weekly meeting to debate everything that is going on in the world, as well as where we should put our money. When you have a $10-$20 million fund, you become significant and can make things happen for others. You have the ability to make people's problems disappear. The members of this social club will run this entire town. As a result, joining the social club at the standard level will incur a monthly membership fee, with two further levels, silver and gold, available. Perhaps platinum level. With a membership card, any Thai authority could contact the phone number for funds or solution to a problem. For entertainment, the best-looking women from Thailand will be brought in.

Slight delay!

Hey all, we encountered a situation where the developer who was contracted to create the theme for our NEW website,, exhibited a notable deficiency in competence:

I was forced to fire him and start over. The NEW estimated time of arrival (ETA) is projected to occur on or around November 22nd. We're about 60% done. The development progress can be observed at the following URL, where an authentication account with the credentials ngocla/ngocla should be utilized.

It's exhausting dealing with people. It only took me about 3 weeks to build this site. Based on my estimation, the development of a novel theme incorporating a singular new content type would likely require approximately one week to complete. In the initial phase of conducting interviews, it was observed that a majority of participants relied on ChatGPT to respond to fundamental inquiries due to their limited knowledge of the subject matter. Subsequently, certain individuals obtained the source but encountered difficulties in successfully executing it. Many of these individuals lack problem-solving skills. The challenging aspect lies not in the actual process of programming but rather in the task of problem-solving.

Dec 5th!

We're nearly 97% complete. Should be ready to go Dec 5th. We must make numerous adjustments. Not yet prepared for mobile use. However, the content team has approximately 600 articles prepared to go.