LA is better than San Francisco

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LA is better than San Francisco

I really hate to say that, since I have a few good memories and met a few cool people in SF – but that was a long time ago. Most people outside San Francisco agree with me. Los Angeles is so much more exciting and glamorous. SF is just a cutesy, annoying self-satisfied place with a couple of nice views, a west coast version of Boston. LA boldly does its own thing. It is obnoxious and annoying and congested, but hey, the weather is nice, the girls are hot, and there are enough cultural experiences to be had if you make an effort.

In SF no one even tries. Maybe because they are stoned all day or maybe because there isn’t a competitive environment like in New York. In bigger cities, every one puts such care and thought into everything they do: their clothes, their work, their look. I’m not talking about “image” I just mean like combing your hair or shaving.

Moreover, people in SF are really not friendly, and in the long run, quite cold. They get more detestable over time. The truth is they don’t care about anyone except themselves. San Francisco leaves an impression of reasonable intelligence & progressive qualities to outsiders (including those from LA), but at the same time, also an impression of being oddly insular, annoyingly self-absorbed, in denial of its even insane class-gap and horrible homeless problem, brags too much about itself, and has a lot of bourgeoisie-worship as well…as long as its San Francisco bourgeoisie (those from other cities are the selfish evil ones, of course)

Los Angeles is more diverse beneath that surface, and has always had a wonderful underground of Art & Music…maybe not as good as some of the big cities in the eastern half of the US, but clearly superior to that of San Francisco.

In LA you can wear whatever you want, say whatever you want, do whatever you want, and still be accepted. Whereas in SF, you’ll be judged and found inadequate. If you’re not ultra-indie and up to date on the latest trends you wont make it there.

Also, take serious notice to the class/race distinction in SF. White=rich. Black=poor. Honestly, I would rather have middle America than super elite rich and super angry poor.