A lot of men are frustrated in dating because they lack MALE testosterone

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A lot of men are frustrated in dating because they lack MALE testosterone

The single biggest reason men hold positions of power is that biologically they are driven to be more ambitious and take more risks than women. Many studies have been released in recent years (several conducted by women) showing that testosterone drives risk-taking, domineering, powerful behavior. Guess which gender has exponentially more testosterone? But what happens when men lack testosterone?

A woman’s biological imperative is to acquire the resources to produce offspring, as well as the protection granted by a strong capable mate. As a result of this men produce protection and physical resources.

The exchange which is prevalent in the majority of nature is that males provide resources while females provide physical gratification in the forms of nurture, nourishment, and physical affection.

Of course, nowadays, in the modern world — in major cities, women are married to careers that provides all the resources to produce offspring. Hence why out of wedlock children has gone from 5% back in the 1950s, 6% in the 1960s, to 45+% in the 2000s… No need to have strong family units. So society produces weaker men (especially in cities). Most guys enjoy their sperm donor status — i.e. not all men are complaining. They are usually losers with no real depth.

The truth is that the only time you truly *love* a girl, completely, is when you practically worship her and don’t want to have sex with any other girl. For a man’s love consists of wanting to have and not the renunciation and giving away of a woman’s love. Nevertheless, wanting to have always comes to an end with having. It is actually man’s more refined and suspicious lust for **possession** that rarely admits his **having** and then only late, and thus permits his love to persist. It is even possible for his love to increase after the surrender: he will not readily concede that a woman should have nothing more to give him. She becomes the girl whose beauty you are reminded of when you see another girl — that is when you know you are in love with a girl or true woman… That woman may or may not accept you as a mate but when you feel like that, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks, you want to meet her parents and be there for her and your ability to solve problems goes up and up, your own problems included. You can take over the world, if you know enough about the world, and there’s nothing that will stop you except her voice and her touch. That’s what love does to a guy.

The problem is that you can date a hundred girls and women, and not one will be bring out that type of dedication in your soul BeCaUsE it takes a few months to a year to induce that desire and depth of passion in your neocortex. But, the truth is, no human that goes through the public school system is even half as smart as they need to be to be able to engage the mind of the opposite sex and thus you might as well hammer away because you aren’t going to be satisfied by their discourse level — there’s the reason they stopped talking about communication as intercourse after all, as debased as you can get today’s sex is not intercourse without communication patterns that stimulate the mind — the brain is the largest sex organ by mass, not to mention sensory perception and feedback, creativity and desire and planning etc.

Why even discuss this issue with dating? Wait around for your robostitute...