The Postal Service is being murdered by right wing nuts

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The Postal Service is being murdered by right wing nuts

It’s classic far right wing economics. There should be no public enterprises. None. If one exists it needs to have laws put on it to kill it.

The biggest reason the USPS is losing money and can’t turn a profit is because right wing nuts passed a 2006 law saying the USPS has to fund the next 75 years of pensions in the next 10 years! No other private company in the country would be expected to do that why would they do it to the PO? Because they want to privatize and give the business to FedEx and UPS. If this law were erased, the PO would not be having anywhere near the money problems it’s having now.


It’s simple folks – remove the pre-funding for USPS postal current and future employees (exactly why does this “plan” sound stupid?) and let the USPS get back to delivering mail. “The Postal Service has been a kind of cash cow for the federal government for the last 40 years,” says Postal Regulatory Commission chairman Ruth Goldway. Congress passed that part of the law during the Bush years to pad the federal treasury and make it look better than it was.

The game is being rigged in favor of private companies. Massive pre-funding of retiree and health benefits—75 years in advance!! Right. What the republican party is doing is increasing the cost of living for all Americans in the not so distant future. Without government competition the sky is the limit for private services. Thanks again republicans shafting the people in your efforts to further differentiate between the haves and have nots as you see fit. For those that care to read the republican bill and see the insidious legislation here is the link –