Right now, the United States is at war with China

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Right now, the United States is at war with China

This is a secret war that is being kept from the general public. China is growing into a massive superpower because it invests in its own country. They have high-speed trains, new airports, new universities, and 10 million people enter the middle class each year, among other things. There is almost no government investment in the United States. In the 1980s, you could go to university and work a summer job to pay for it. What transpired? Republicans have allowed banks to go wild and privatized everything. Banks are now profiting handsomely from interest payments, while Republican senators are amassing vast sums of capital. Meanwhile, right-wingers are outraged that some statues are being demolished. If no investments are made, the dollar will lose its reserve currency status, allowing China to take over the world.

However, China's economy is extremely fragile, and they are experiencing a massive rippling wave of financial trouble as a result of the Joe Biden administration. Unlike Trump, Biden is actually intelligent. Supply chains have lagged far behind consumer demand as a result of restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak early last year. These constraints, which include social isolation and mandatory quarantines, have severely limited the number of port workers and their ability to perform their duties. Railyards and trucking routes are hopelessly congested, with workers unable to deal with constant cargo bottlenecks. In the last 18 months, traffic congestion at ports on the California and Atlantic coasts has reached crisis proportions, and it has only gotten worse since July.

In Chicago, one of the country's largest railyards, the size of 500 football fields, was backed up for 25 miles. Pandemic-related obstacles and delays have caused a subsequent increase in the prices of products shipped from overseas, as well as shipping container prices, leaving the commercial pipeline that transports $1 trillion in goods from Asia to the United States hopelessly clogged. China is being annihilated as a result of this.

Prior to Covid, the cost of shipping a container from China to the United States' West Coast was around $1,300. Today, the cost of transporting a container has risen exponentially, with one container costing around $35,000 to transport. And the right to use these containers is awarded to the highest bidder, which hurts a slew of retailers, particularly small businesses. Many of these retailers have gone out of business as a result of the rising costs of transporting their inventory. Because of the backlog, many retailers are turning to air freighters to transport their goods, which raises the cost of safe product transportation. Chartering an aircraft from Asia to the United States costs around $2.5 million.

China's manufacturing has been drastically reduced. Millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost. They've had to stop building their usual new dirty coal-fired power plants every month, and they're shutting down operations left and right as power is rationed in multiple areas. They've halted production of nearly 90% of silicon metal due to a lack of ability to operate those mines and refineries, affecting almost every single manufacturing operation in the country. They are in deep trouble, and the middle class is being ripped out from under them because most of that growth was built on a collapsing global supply chain.

The backlog of billions of dollars in toys, clothing, electronics, vehicles, and furniture comes as consumer demand for goods reaches an all-time high as people choose to stay at home rather than spend money on travel and entertainment. Right now, this would be a huge boost for China, but Joe Biden is preventing it. U.S. President Joe Biden said he will prevent China from overtaking the United States as the world's most powerful country, and he will do so by investing heavily to ensure America prevails in the race between the world's two largest economies.

As previously stated, the US could spend more than $12 trillion without causing major problems. See: https://culturewhiz.org/forum/topic/coronavirus-and-economy-understandin...

The main reason these investment bills are failing is that Republicans are being stupid and voting 100% with the Democratic "moderates" and against the $3.5 trillion package. For decades, the wealth disparity between the top 1% and the rest of the population in the United States has been growing. For decades, the infrastructure in the United States has been deteriorating. The GOP's response was the 2017 GOP tax bill, which has been borrowing an extra $1.7 trillion per year for the past four years to give tax breaks to the top 1%. Over a ten-year period, that equates to $17 trillion. Biden intends to repeal 20% of those tax cuts in order to fund a $3.5 trillion bill over ten years to improve roads, bridges, healthcare, social care, clean air, clean water, education, and other infrastructure. Things that will benefit every American. It's no surprise that Republicans oppose it. Members of the Republican Party in Congress have three policies. 1. Increase the wealth of themselves and the rest of the top 1%. 2. Prevent the Democrats from doing anything they want. 3. lick Trump's asshole.