How you can Make Money as a Culture Whiz host

Ready to host an experience in your city? Start by designing the experience you have in mind. If you are going to ask people to shell out 50 USD or more, you gotta put up a nice page detailing the benefits and features of what you offer, and make it look good. You can't just write a few words with no details or info. No one will pay 50 bucks on just a few vague words on a few lines.

A sample of what great hosts do:

You can host an experience or multiple ones over the course of a few days.

What can you host? an experience. This is a quick glimpse into your world, like a workshop or a walk through your favorite neighborhood. An experience lasts two hours or more. If you don’t want to rush, try hosting experiences over multiple days. Immersions are the best way to get to know your group and give them an in-depth look into your world.

1. Get inspired to host
Do some market research... and get inspired

2. Design and submit
Build and submit your experience. If it meets the quality standards you're good to go.

3. Host on your terms
Once the experience is published, you’re free to host when you want. You can also set your price.

4. Manage on the fly
Keep track of your bookings, message your guests, and update your schedule from the app or website.

5. Fees.
Culture Whiz charges hosts a Service Fee for each Engagement. Depending on the nature of the Engagement, the Service Fees will be charged either as straight or tiered pricing, as discussed in further detail below.

Unless Tiered Pricing (defined below) applies, we will charge you a Service Fee of 10% of the Freeancler Fees (“Straight Pricing”), as shown in the examples below.

Note: Examples in this Agreement are provided for illustrative purposes only and are not binding. Because of rounding, the Service Fees charged may differ slightly.

If Tiered Pricing applies, we will charge you a Service Fee based on the total Freelancer Fees collected by you from your Client (less any refunds or reversals).