Office Secretary

Culture Whiz, the world's leading cultural travel website, is seeking an office secretary to work in our Pattaya, Thailand office between September 2023 and May 2024. Answering calls, taking messages, handling some correspondence, maintaining diaries, scheduling appointments, typing, preparing and collating reports, shopping, distributing brochures, and accompanying the company's CEO, Shawn Black, to various events such as trade shows, conferences, concerts and more are all typical job responsibilities.


A Secretary's looks is critical. When working in this field, you must be well-dressed, well-groomed, and in good health to represent our brand. We are specifically seeking fitness enthusiast at this time.


You may be given the information about the job on the same day you are hired, or you may need to be more responsibly trained for higher-level tasks. Memory abilities and the ability to talk clearly are common characteristics of a successful office secretary


Contract work starts at 15,000 baht per month, paid weekly, and progresses from there. A typical workday lasts 5 to 6 hours. Performance-based pay increases are typically granted every six months.


Secretary positions are available on a temporary or permanent basis. Simply submit an email to [email protected] to contact us. Tell us about yourself and why you would be a suitable fit for the position. It is acceptable if you don't speak much English at first. You will need a few professional photographs to demonstrate you can adequately represent our brand.