Do you enjoy cultural anthropology and sociology? Do you enjoy writing captivating content to go along with nice visuals? Then come work with us. We're looking for enthusiastic writers (worldwide) to produce remarkably complete and compact written material for Culture Whiz from articles to blog posts. You can write about a number of subjects within our focus including history, politics, heritage, music, food, landscapes, wildlife, customs/etiquette. The goal is to give reader an comprehensive outsider's perspective.

About Us

We want to create the premier resource for people interested in cultural anthropology, moving abroad or just an expatriate adventure. The site is a resource for people to enhance their time abroad with legit destination material to every country (provinces, counties, states, groups of states etc.) to cities of any size, including fairly small villages (if they are tourist destinations) out there. We plan to be very comprehensive and provocative. Each destination guide will contain a detailed cultural dissection including listing of social groups, what people look like, etc with a nice set of color photos and culture map to cap it off. If you do not have an interest in cultural anthropology or only write for money this will not be the right job for you. So you should just stop reading right here. We are not interested in lame Buzzfeed type of articles that are totally superficial and random. Only serious writers need apply.

Note: Styles are a nice set of illustrations/photos that helps you recognize social groups. A Culture map is a breakdown of different cultures in a city or town placed on the city from someone/a group who knows it inside and out and has a sense of humor about it.


Your job will be synthesizing multiple sources of information into a article, manually rewriting existing content into a unique article and digging deep into the culture and sociology of each destination, looking closely at societal structures, behaviors, and the underlying reasons--historical and political--for an authoritative, step-by-step article or guide e.g. https://culturewhiz.org/destinations/north-america/cuba (subheadings are hyperlinked to more detailed articles).

We would like to write similar contributions about every destination on earth. Which shouldn't be too hard if you know how to use Google for remote research. A general destination overview without detailed articles is ~1300+ words. For the separate detailed articles, recommend ~800- ~1000 words, which is typical blog length.

Target audience
We don't cater to one audience. We're like Wikipedia so we're looking for descriptive, neutral academic tone and style i.e. http://proofreading.org/blog/tips-for-writing-in-an-academic-tone-and-style but with more boldness and wit.

1. Secondary (or high school, college, or equivalent) education. Anthropology and sociology PhDs preferred.
2. Strong English with good writing and editing skills for proofreading
3. Strong organizational, time management, and multitasking skills with the ability to follow through.
4. The ability to take direction as well as work with minimal supervision

Send us the following details:
- Our assessment will be based on actual performance, not simply how charismatic a candidate is in an email.
- Your thoughts on the project and how you would fit in..
- A demonstration/sample of your ability. Write about Culture Whiz

Only successful candidates will be contacted. Applications not following the above guidelines will not be considered.

The work would be project-based and initially sporadic, with the goal of increasing over time. If you are suitable, there are numerous options for contract extensions, promotions (we're looking for a Writer/Editor in Chief), and more skillful work, such as video and product creation, with much better earnings.