Work together with Culture Whiz
If you work with people who are moving country, you might be interested in cooperating with Culture Whiz through a partnership.

Content Partners:
We are always looking for authors, content partners and other contributors that will help us improve our site and enhance our content. If you, your company or organisation has a particular area of expertise, this is a good way of demonstrating it.

Articles need to be editorially independent and or interest to our audience. Contributed content is fully credited and you have the opportunity to add contact details, commercial tagline and a link to your site at the end of an article. If you’re interested in a content partnership, send us your idea, article or material - click here.

Corporate services:
We offer tailored packages of services for organisations and institutions that send people abroad. These can include:

Information customized with your corporate branding
Expatriate mini-sites you can link to your intranet
Service packages you can give to your employees for them to self-select what they need based on their requirements
If you need to get your employees settled in quickly and make them productive from day one, contact us for more information.