Palata № 6

Submitted 6 years 11 months ago by yellowgirl.

Palata № 6 - an unusual bar, which is hard to find, but visiting at least once, you will forever remain his admirer.
The atmosphere of this psychiatric hospital: the grille on the front door, white walls, waitresses in short white dresses, and not even a toilet, but the "Urology Cabinet." Perhaps, this is the only place in Kiev where cocktails are served in syringes.
This is not the place for a quiet dinner, even a friendly company. It's a place for FUN .
A special feature of the ward is the supply of vodka in test tubes and, of course, the cocktail "Burning Head" . As the survivors share their impressions, this is the break of all the templates about the cocktails, and by the way it does not hurt at all!)