Skvorechnik Beach cafe

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Skvorechnik, which means a "birdhouse" in Russian, is a cafe in the trees on Trukhaniv Island. It can be reached only on foot, the bridge park, connecting it with the right-bank part of Kiev. Within the trees around the beach are located 4 villas. In the three is enough space for 4-5 people. One - more intimate - is designed for a couple. Guests can also relax in lounge chairs, hammocks, and a special platform on which to sit, to eat or drink what you ordered.

At Skvorechnik you can enjoy delicious, vegetarian dishes, such as a variety of salads, hummus or Baba Ghanoush, but also (as a vegetarian), cakes and desserts. The menu of the day depends largely on the creativity of the chef, and availability of ingredients.

To drink you can order, for example. Cocktails, lassi, tea or coffee, at a price of approx. 5 to 9 zł. But not alcohol. Aviary boasts of the fact that within it must neither drink or smoke, or take any other drugs.

The restaurant only works for 4 months a year - from June to September. At that time, however, it enjoys great interest. The unusual "flat" is currently about 20 people.

In addition to food for the body, the restaurant also serves "food" for the spirit. Every day the forest is in the music - sometimes also hosts live concerts. In addition, each day they have a place for yoga classes and on weekends - a variety of workshops and lectures.