Japanese Take Fetishism To An Extreme

Submitted 5 years 9 months ago by Aleksey.

Japan is a weird place in general. I think Japanese people take fetishism to a whole different level simply because of the conservative socially repressed nature of their society. This means you'll get a subset of women who are really into African, white, or other men and are proactive in going out of there way to meet as many of these foreign men as possible in social venues. However, the vast majority of Japanese women are conservative and relatively traditional and won't date anyone non-Japanese.

Ironically, learning the language in Japan and Thailand does not necessarily open doors, and if often makes things worse, not better. At least with younger women. The ones that want Western guys are those interested in the Western culture and who want to learn English or French or whatever. If you are a person who wants to fit in and who respects the culture, you go against the grain. You become a freak. A Japanese speaking Westerner is weird to them. Like a talking monkey or something. They can't play host, they don't know how to treat you and you still act different and you are of another race. That is why they giggle and often mockingly praise your language skills. Same in Thailand.

The Japanese, and to a lesser extent Koreans and TWese, Thais, VNese, Filipinos etc. have had contact with the US for more than a century. Think Hollywood, American English, fashions, student exchange, business exchange, American companies, a huge number of intermarriages plus the long presence of military and business Americans in those countries and vice versa. So, for an Asian person to deal with America and vice versa is a bit hard but not that hard. They know America. And Americans are more or less used to Asians.