What Russian Women Want

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Science tell us that we are attracted to people who are familiar to us. Most people will usually select a person of their own ethnicity as a partner. This works worldwide. While some people will select a partner of a different ethnicity there is a good number of people who will only consider relationships within their own ethnicity or nationality. Russia has its own mixed ethnicity population: There are 86 autonomous republics and regions within Russia. The largest, The Republic Sakha in Siberia, is home to a northern nation similar to Eskimos. Chechnya is also an autonomous republic within Russia.

1. To get married. In the Russian poetic language it translates to “create a family“, which in this case doesn’t necessarily mean kids at all. It only means an officially registered marriage: She wants a ring on her finger and a marriage certificate that confirms she has a husband. Russian and Ukrainian girls can find someone to date at home. What they struggle with is to have someone who will give her the desirable status of a wife in a legal marital union.

2. A man who is a leader. The traditional expression states, “The man should be the head of the family” (i.e. the leader in the pair). This includes making the decision that she is the woman he wants and then making all the necessary steps to conquer her heart. Supposedly, this is how he would then manage all other goals in life. The man is supposed to make decisions and the woman will follow.

3. A man who will win her heart. Russian women call it, “the man is the hunter.” You decided she is the woman for you and you are not taking “No” for an answer.

4. A guy who is “for real”: He will organize the meeting and sort out all the logistics and financial issues around it.

If you can position yourself as a guy with a “deep soul”, you will have an advantage over any competition. Emotional closeness, which comes from the place of soulful connection, is of higher importance to women than anything else.

Russian guys habitually avoid showing strong emotions or talking about their feelings. But having “a deep soul” is not only about showing emotions but also being interested in things that are typically not linked to classic men’s pursuits. For example, liking classical music, art, or literature is a sign of a deep soul. Being interested in other things than the typical “male’s domain” (sport, games, beer, alcohol, politics, current affairs, etc) would put you in the category of soulful gentlemen. When you are dating Russian women, they will be particularly impressed if you know something about Russian works of art or literature.

Examples of interests:

Classical music
Reading books

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