Croatia in a Nutshell

Croatia is a Mediterranean nation that connects Central Europe and the Balkans. Croatian, a Slavic language similar to Serbian and Bosnian, is the primary language.

Many Croatians can communicate in English, but German and Italian are also widely spoken (largely because of the large annual influx of German and Italian tourists). Elders rarely speak English, but they may be able to converse in German or Italian. If you know Polish or Czech, you will recognize some parallels between these languages and Croatian. Some citizens may also be fluent in French or Russian. Many older people may speak Russian since it was a compulsory second language in schools during the communist period, but English has increasingly replaced it among younger generations.

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With its UNESCO Heritage site the 'Old Town Dubrovnik', Dubrovnik is a must stopover on any Croatia yacht charter. Step into the world of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque walking the...
Trogir represents one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast in Croatia, with the main 'centre' of Trogir being a small island located between the hills and the coast of the island of Ciovo. The entire Trogir Riviera is made up of 20 islands, islets, small counties and little villages, making...
Sukosan is a picturesque little town located in the Zlatna Luka bay, about 7km south-east of Zadar. Sukosan is known for its vineyards, olive groves and farming as well as a sought after destination amongst sailors thanks to its marina Dalmacija - the largest marina of the Adriatic Coast. The...
Intriguing history and cultural heritage make Sibenik another destination worthwhile visiting. The archipelago of the Sibenik Riviera is made up of 242 islands, islets and reefs boasting of picturesque coves, pristine sea and tranquility. In this area you will find the Krka and Kornati national...
Travel to Pula to admire its magnificent roman ruins that incorporate remains of an ancient roman amphitheatre, still standing as an imposing structure on the higher point of the city port. The city is located at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula with a great tradition in fishing...
Approaching Mljet aboard your Croatia motor yacht or sailing yacht you will be witnessing one of the most beautiful and greenest islands of the Adriatic. Mljet is also home to the Mljet National Park boasting two interconnecting salt-lakes of Veliko Jazero and Malo Jazero. The lakes are proclaimed...
Well known for its traditional Knights' dance celebrating the Turkish assaults on the island, Korcula is one of the destinations to include in your Croatia yacht charter itinerary. This beautiful island, covered with lush green forests of Aleppo pine, cypress and oak trees welcomes its visitors...

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