Croatia in a Nutshell

Croatia is a Mediterranean nation that connects Central Europe and the Balkans. Croatian, a Slavic language similar to Serbian and Bosnian, is the primary language.

Many Croatians can communicate in English, but German and Italian are also widely spoken (largely because of the large annual influx of German and Italian tourists). Elders rarely speak English, but they may be able to converse in German or Italian. If you know Polish or Czech, you will recognize some parallels between these languages and Croatian. Some citizens may also be fluent in French or Russian. Many older people may speak Russian since it was a compulsory second language in schools during the communist period, but English has increasingly replaced it among younger generations.

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Brac is the third largest island in Croatia and perhaps the most famous thanks to the small village called Bol and it's very photogenic Golden Horn beach. The island is covered in pine forests, olive groves and vast vineyards with a somewhat romantic feel to it. It has a wealth of cultural and...
Hvar, a gorgeous Croatian island, is a popular stop-over for discerning yacht charterers and elite. It is also known as the Queen of the Dalmatian Islands, priding itself on having several stunning Gothic palaces, romantic marble stone streets, 13th-century walls as well as plenty of fantastic...

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