Estonia in a Nutshell

Probably one of the most pristine medieval cities in the whole of Europe is Tallinn, located within Estonia. The Old Town section is a World Heritage site, and the city has managed to perfectly blend modern life and technology under a medieval visage. Upon first glance you will wonder whether or not you're stepping back in history as you delve deeper into the streets that wind through the 14th century architecture, but you will soon discover that technology is right there at your fingertips, despite the medieval façade.

But Tallinn isn’t the only thing to see while here. Estonia as a whole is a country full of medieval delights. The country's coastline, the undulating marshlands, and the massive forests make for a blend of medieval charm that simply cannot be explained without actually experiencing it for yourself. This is a country you want to come back to again and again and again, simply to enjoy one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

Estonia has five national parks overseen by the Ministry of the Environment. The Karula National Park, the Lahemaa National Park, the Matsula National Park, the Soomaa National Park, and the Vilsandi National Park. In addition, there are 1,500 Baltic islands which are part of the country, providing even more access to nature and natural beauty. In fact, many Estonians will admit that they prefer a hike in the park or simply relaxing in nature more than anything else. This is a country for the outdoor enthusiast, and while the country itself is fairly laid back, there is plenty to see and do within the cities as well. There is the ski-resort Otepaa, the seaside resort Parnu, or the nightlife of Tartu.

Easy to access, Estonia is a pleasure for any traveler, first-timer or veteran. From the medieval cities to horseback rides along the coast, hiking through the woods, canoeing down the forest rivers, skiing the slopes, or simply bird-watching, Estonia is the perfect little getaway for pure relaxation.

Written on 12/14/2015 - 12:32 by Shawn Blake

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