Baku Night Life Experience

The people of Azerbaijan love to party, and Baku – the fervent capital of the country – is the best place to drink in Azerbaijan's electrifying nightlife! Relative to other cities in Azerbaijan, Baku's nightlife is an undisputed champion! The majority of the action happens around the Fountain Square area, where most of the popular Baku nightclubs, pubs and bars are situated, including hotspots such as Shakespeare, the Clansman, and O’Malley’s. If you’re looking for the quieter café-bars, the Boulevard is where you should head.

What's included: 

Local guide


Alcoholic Beverages - local beer and local snacks


Where we'll be: 
Nightlife & Bars
Nice interior, lot of space, good bar ad crowded on weekends. Lots of bouncers, so it is safe to be there. Entry fee 20 manat. 3 different musical areas, 3 different moods. Pro girl offering their services, never intrusive. Do not go if you are offended by working girls. There are a lot past 12am...
Nightlife & Bars
One of the best clubs in Baku. Very popular with Arab people. Entry about the same as other clubs. If you want to drink, eat, smoke hukka and weed, dance this club is best choice. Note : many girls come only for earning money.
Nightlife & Bars
Very shady place. Arabic/Turkish styled disco club. Entrance is 5 manat, but if it is not very crowded inside (early hours), they might let you in for free.
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$50.00 per person