The average doctor uses techniques 17 years out of date

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The average doctor uses techniques 17 years out of date

One of the main problems with medical treatment in the United States is the so called “Standard of Care”. This is the medical equivalent of building codes in construction. Most doctors are businessmen and have a job/career to protect. If he deviates from the standard of care, even if he knows it’s bogus in a particular case, and something goes wrong or the patient sues, he’s up shit creek without a paddle as he deviated from the medical consensus (where have we heard that word before?) standard of care. I’ve found cases where the standard is 100% against what studies show.

Modern Medicine is a wonderful monopoly-wonderful for them, shit for patients. Once a determination is made of the patient’s ability to pay, the treatment plan is designed which will extract the maximum amount of money prior to the patient being cast aside to die in pain. The requirement for education is merely a barrier to entry, which actually means they have to do LESS education overall. If there was no barrier, they would have to constantly learn to improve their techniques to compete with other entrants. I’ve seen one study that said the average doctor was using techniques that were about 17 years out of date. And generally the older the doctor, the more out of date the treatment. So if medical doctors are our shepherds of health, why are Americans so unhealthy, and why don’t doctors know what is the real root causes of illness? They keep making shifting statements that don’t actually prevent illness (cholesterol is bad!). Ronald Reagan had a German doctor Hans Nieper, MD come to the US to treat his colon cancer. Ronald Reagan died I think 17 years later.. not of cancer.

I’m amazed how often there will be an incredible study that finds a surprising result, and they just don’t give a damn. A perfect example is that Desiccated thyroid (which Hillary Clinton is taking) was found to reduce heart attack- the number one killer in the US by 80%. No follow up study was ever done to confirm or refute. Witch hunts were often done for doctors prescribing Desiccated thyroid, but its OK for Hillary Clinton. Sounds about right.

If a cancer cure was discovered today that completely dismantled the cancer treatment system, the medical establishment would have no choice to fight it unless they were ready to lose tens of thousands of jobs and billions in revenue.

Doctors don’t have to be evil hateful people in order to make selfish, self-enriching decisions that are not in the patient’s best interest. Dentists (who already have an extremely good income, with regular, steady customers) were using their clout to try to shut down teeth whitening facilities, saying that only a state licenced dentist should be able to whiten teeth. The US Supreme Court recently ruled this illegal.