Extreme intelligence is mental illness related to autism

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Extreme intelligence is mental illness related to autism

Extreme intelligence (the type you see in geniuses) is the result of immune system issues related to viruses embedded in our genome that express themselves if the immune system gets weak. A weaken immune system early in life leads to neurodevelopmental disorders classified as Autism. Mostly it is the severity of the brain alterations that cause the “disorder” to be diagnosed. The viruses induce hyperactive brain disorders due to how they have to manipulate the immune system to replicate. The viruses specifically target the PKR pathway to increase their replication rates and the byproduct of this dysregulation of the protein replication rates effect the neural transmitters and synapse formation rates (why memories encode too many details and trigger too easily, creating repeating behaviors (same thing shows up in PTSD patients). This leads to OCD and anxiety traits (something is wrong mindset) as the immune system upregulates. It also creates photographic memory in the host, photographic memory makes it possible to make novel connections since creativity is the associations between existing ideas and concepts. Genius is mostly connecting dots which many people can spot but can't connect. Innovation is more of a problem solving technique applied to available resources and usually that is just time and energy. You can create anything with time and energy.

In general the virus hosting gene for autism failures in healthy individuals result in more inhuman aggression (detached, no empathy) and genocide. When the virus switches the brain to become OCD/autistic, there’s no way to disengage the resulting “will to reproduce” and the brain becomes a slave to go after wealth and power and is pushed into wanting more and more power, whatever that is to the person (learning ever more, getting famous, political power, becoming rich, etc). So in other words, you have the activation of “genome” code that is normally suppressed but is more than likely being blocked by an active virus that is attempting to block how the immune system is attacking it but it is helping out one of the most ancient viruses that effected our human ancestors. Again, the genome mutations can alter how the immune system suppresses parts of the genome from generation to generation resulting in this embedded virus being more active in some people as soon as their immune system is slightly compromised vs others require multiple compromising viruses/health issues.

The long term impact of how the viruses alter the brain can be huge, i.e. sensory level delusional activation due to regional overactivation and none coherent patterns across the cerebral cortex, which show up when too many different regions of the brain activation simultaneously. You don’t feel sick and BUT YOUR body is over reacting to everything so you don’t get sick but you’re burning through nutrients too fast. If you're wealthy enough to eat super healthy/nutrient rich foods, the body is happy to handle the virus… It’ll eventually lead to a cancer (Steve Jobs) or increase the risk for cancer. The higher you go in the ranks or the hyper intelligent people, those are the ones you see it in most often.

If you haven’t seen the movie

If you haven’t seen the movie “Margin Call”, I would highly recommend it. It’s set in 2008, during the economic crash. In one scene, the CEO of the company, who has been summoned for an emergency meeting to discuss how serious the situation is asks one of his lowly quants to describe the unprecedented amount of risk posed by the firm’s MBS portfolio (or something like that): “Speak as you might to a small child, or to a golden retriever.”

Those who rise to C** corporate positions are not the “brilliant” ones. They are just the most competitive (and even ruthless) ones, with high EQ levels and possible high levels of psychopathy too.