French Anti-Government Protests

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French Anti-Government Protests

The gilets jaunes (Yellow Vests) protest began in response to a planned gas tax hike, but it soon devolved into a more amorphous outpouring of rage. President Emmanuel Macron has already scrapped increases in “green” taxes on fuel, but the protesters want further concessions such as tax cuts for people on low incomes and tax increases for businesses.

Such measures would mark a humiliating U-turn for the president, who has been trying to attract foreign investors and entice banks and finance companies to relocate from London to Paris by offering tax breaks.

Online, a more insidious war rages. On Twitter, outsiders with little or no association with France or French politics—including far-right figureheads, conspiracy theorists, and pro-Kremlin influence networks—are capitalizing on interest in the gilets jaunes to spread disinformation and advance their own political agendas. Claiming that French citizens chanted “WE WANT TRUMP” en masse, and posted dozens of misleading photos, videos, and tweets painting these Yellow Jacket protestors as nationalists. There is an anti-immigration element involved, but they are relatively small in number.

The French have been benefiting from colonization and oppression for 600 years. The West African Central Bank, for example, is covered, i.e. controlled, by about 70 per cent of the Banque de France. Banque de France has an almost total control over the economy of its former West African colonies. Which is why they had Gaddafi killed. Gaddafi was certainly not killed for humanitarian reasons. He had a plan to create a new African Union, based on a new African economic system. The French Central Bank, the Banque de France, backs the West and Central African Monetary Union’s currency. He wanted to introduce the Gold Dinar to back African currencies, so they could become free from the CFA franc guaranteed by the French treasury. The CFA franc is used in fourteen countries: twelve nations formerly ruled by France in West and Central Africa. No wonder, Sarkozy pushed for NATO to destroy the country and kill thousands of Libyans, including Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi. The CFA franc was created in 1945, along with the CFP franc. The reason for their creation was the weakness of the French franc immediately after World War II. When France ratified the Bretton Woods Agreement in December 1945, the French franc was devalued in order to set a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar. New currencies were created in the French colonies to spare them the strong devaluation, thereby facilitating imports from France. At the time of Gaddafi’s murder by Hillary Clinton, then Obama’s Secretary of State, and the French President Sarkozy, driven by NATO forces, on 20 October 2011 – Libya’s gold reserves were estimated at close to 150 tons, and about the same amount of silver. The estimated value at that time was $7 billion.

It’s your guess who may have stolen this enormous treasure from the people of Libya. As of this date, it is nowhere to be found. Gaddafi also wanted to detach his oil sales from the dollar, i.e. no longer trading hydrocarbons in US dollars, as was the US/OPEC imposed rule since the early 1970s. Other African and Middle Eastern oil and gas producers would have followed. In fact, Iran had already in 2007, a plan to introduce the Tehran Oil Bourse, where anyone could trade hydrocarbons in currencies other than the US dollar. Gaddafi’s new plan for Africa would have meant an entirely new banking system for Africa, away from the now western (mainly France and UK) central banks dominated African currencies. It would have meant an enormous blow to western monetary system.

So, the Gold Dinar was not to happen. Anybody – to this day- who threatens the dollar hegemony will have to die. Also the Washington/CIA induced “Arab Spring” was to turn the entire Middle East into one huge chaos zone - which today, of course, it is. And there are no plans to secure it and to return it to normalcy, to what it was before. To the contrary, chaos allows to divide-and-conquer – to balkanize, as is the plan for Syria and Iraq. One of the Washington-led western goals of is to eventually install a system of private central banks in the Middle Eastern/North African countries controlled by Washington – privately owned central banks. That is expected to help stabilize the US dollar hegemony, as the hydrocarbons produced in this region generate trillions of dollars in trading per year. The gold Dinar was totally unacceptable to western leaders. It might have devastated Europe’s control over the African economy – which is nothing less than neo-colonization of Africa.